April 24, 2021

5 Budget-Friendly Upgrades You Can Do For Your Outdoor Space

Create a vibrant and beautiful outdoor space with these five budget-friendly upgrades! Most of the time, homeowners decorate their outdoor space with a few plants and perhaps furniture pieces they may have had in their previous home. While most of the integral household activities are done indoors, that doesn’t mean you can leave your outdoor space as is. Here are five budget-friendly upgrades you can do to spruce up your porch, patio, or yard. 


Add Seating 
Since your outdoor space will become your spot for rest and relaxation, add seating to make the space more comfortable. If your front porch is spacious enough, you may add a hammock, a swing chair, or a coffee table with chairs. Add several items such as books, board games, or your sketchbook to have a conducive R&R spot in your porch or backyard.  

Plant Vertically 
Plants are great for creating a refreshing and vibrant environment in any space. Besides keeping a few small pots inside your home, you may choose larger plants for your entryway and backyard. Now let’s say you’ve recently invested in a Pag-IBIG foreclosed townhouse that has a small patch of land for gardening, you may plant vertically to maximize the space of your garden. You’ll find many wall planters to hold your potted greens. You may also have a customized planter built to carry bigger plants. 


Outline Your Pathway 
Highlighting the entryway to your front or backyard is another cheap but fun way to decorate your outdoor space. You may add stone or wooden pathways to guide people into walking around your garden. If your front porch area has stairs, place a few plants on the steps to add a rustic touch to your stairway. Create contrasting landscaping lines by paving the way with gravel and sand.  
If you want to amp up the romantic atmosphere of your outdoor patio, place illuminating planters and garden lights. Not only will you have a bright outdoor area that is easy to move around, but you’ll also have a well-decorated space that is perfect for outdoor dining and gatherings. 


Use Hanging Planters 
Add more life to your outdoor space by adding a few hanging plants. You’ll find many air plants 
and terrariums you can mount on your wall or hang on hooks and ceiling beams. Being surrounded by plants and flowers while you read, meditate, or nap in your outdoor space will rejuvenate you and reconnect you with Mother Nature. 

Install A Ceiling Fan 
While outdoor spaces are meant to be open and well-ventilated, hot summer seasons can be the bane of your outdoor experience. Before you invite loved ones over for an alfresco brunch, pool party, or tea time, install a ceiling fan in your porch ceiling or pergola, if you have one. You’ll find a wide selection of ceiling fans suitable for outdoor use and ceiling fans with designs that complement the layout of your patio. 
To sum up, outdoor spaces are great spots for relaxation and various leisure activities. No matter how large or cozy your patio, porch, or yard is, you may use these five budget-friendly and worthy upgrades to spruce up your whole property. 


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