April 7, 2021

How to Prepare to Ship Your RV Overseas

More and more people are choosing to travel using an RV. RVs make travelling long distances by land comfortable and convenient. Passengers have everything from their beds and bathrooms to their favourite keepsakes all under one roof above wheels. 


However, getting an RV to a specific location isn’t always as easy as using it for both travel and living. In fact, it can be quite problematic if you don’t have the right sort of support when you need your RV transported to the next location--whether that’s in another state or to across an ocean. Specific companies can help you to make this happen in a way that you can be assured that your RV will arrive at its next destination in the same way it left its previous location. 

When you’re looking at shipping your RV overseas, there are a few things to do to help prepare it for the big move. 


Unload Your RV
You will find that regardless of what vehicle you are preparing for transportation, they should always be unloaded ahead of time. RVs are used mostly by people who want to make their travel experience significantly more convenient but transporting them when they are full of your personal belongings makes the process a whole lot more challenging. RVs that are full put extra weight on the vehicle which equals more stress for the vehicle as it is being hauled. Additionally, this excess weight that could easily be avoided comes with unnecessary added costs to the already expensive process. 

This is easily avoided by having a clear-out and finding alternative ways to ship your personal belongings to their destination. 

Ensure Everything is Locked Down 
When preparing your vehicle, ensure that all of the windows, doors, cabinets, cupboards and furniture are locked in place. For an extra precaution, you could choose to tape them shut for added security. This is also the case for any fixtures in your RV that you have hanging that could be damaged during the process. Any items that have the potential to budge and move out of place during the transport should be tucked away or removed for safekeeping. Additionally, things that can be easily removed should be done so in order to prevent any damage throughout the trip. 


Prepare the Outside of Your Vehicle 
The same level of preparation is required for the outside of your vehicle as to the inside. With this in mind, you’re going to want to make sure that every item on the outside of your RV is also locked down securely in place. This is from popups to awnings, which should be in a state that won’t affect the way they will sit in the process of transportation. 

Before you hand over your vehicle to the shipping company, check and confirm that all the electrical aspects of your RV from lights and electrical switches are in good working order beforehand. 

Prior to transportation, it is also worth getting a full service and oil change of your RV so that it operates at peak performance when you arrive at your destination. 

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