April 27, 2021

VT x BTS The Sweet The Sweet Special Edition Set Review

One of the things I kinda miss that I do pre-pandemic is putting on makeup. I never step outside of the house to go to work without make up on. Moreover, I like playing makeup artist to my friends if they ask for my assistance for an event. It’s one of the things that I love to do as part of my daily routine. During all the lockdowns that happened, I can count using all my hand fingers how many times I’ve put on makeup, seriously speaking, I kinda miss it. 

I was picked to review a cosmetic brand and I was glad do so even if I rarely post or blog about anything makeup related. This is a chance I wouldn’t let pass, because it’s a brand that had a collaboration with my fave K-Pop group! If you don’t know it yet, I have been a full pledge ARMY, no, not the ones who fight in battles but the name of the fans of world-famous South Korean boy group BTS! And just imagine how excited I am for this. My friend put it truthfully and nicely: “When you’re tasked to do something you would love to do anyway, winner yon!”

No one has an idea how much BTS merch I have accumulated throughout these past months, but only now that I got my hands onto this makeup collab merch of VT Cosmetics and BTS. The only VT x BTS collab merch that I have is a poster LOL! But I’ve been wanting to acquire and to try VT Cosmetics products since I’ve learned of it. The stars aligned for me and I must say, this is by far one of the campaigns I’m way too excited to play a part in. 

So, I was sent this VT x BTS The Sweet Special Edition Set in #21. The package contains a cushion foundation, 2 pieces of lip fluids and a QR code card. The cushion foundation is in the shade of Ivory/Light Beige which is a little too fair for my complexion (I’m an NC35 with MAC and 220 Natural Beige with Maybelline), thus I asked a good friend of mine, Nix of instagram.com/ieatandiwander to be my muse for this makeup try on as she has fairer skin tone than me and has pinkish undertones. 

I love everything BTS, but I’ll review this make up set with all honesty. Let’s get it!

Packaging – let’s start with this first because we can’t leave this out since BTS merch and collabs are known to be nothing with great quality, that’s why no matter their prices are, people still buy them because you really get the bang for your buck. The packaging is a combination of dark violet/purple with silver which gives it a regal and luxurious look; 10/10 for the packaging alone. I received it with some dents, and if you’re a true-blooded BTS fan, you know that dents on in their merch will give you mini-heart attacks LOL! The distributor could have added more bubble wrap so that less damage would occur during shipping, but other than that, everything is good. 

QR Code Card – most, if not all, BTS merch comes with a QR Code Card, which you can scan using your Weverse Shop account (Big Hit artist app), answer a short survey and earn Weverse cash, points and/or emblem. 

Sweet Glossy Cushion -  Cushion foundation is a liquid formula housed in a compact which provides a light to medium coverage and are hydrating or luminous. This water-based cushion foundation with collagen water and hyaluronic acid hydrates skin while creating radiant skin. It is soft powder infused to keep your makeup set and absorb excess sebum. I got the Ivory/Light Beige shade. It has a very pretty galaxy design packaging, and it comes with a puff for smooth application. The puff and the sponge cushion (which holds the foundation) both have brandings in them too. At first it will kind of feel sticky – just like any other foundation and gives a gray/white cast, but as it settles and oxidizes, it adopts to the skin color and gives a dewy finish. Most cushions don’t really give that much coverage so some imperfections on Nix’s skin are  still a little visible. I also like how nice other makeup products adhere to it. Thus, I can say that it’s great light foundation for everyday use to even out your skin tone.

Sweet Mousse Lip Fluid #1 Velvet Burgundy – Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Soft mousse texture allows it glide on upon application for a semi-matte finish. Intense pigment delivers a burst of color even with one single sweep. The consistency of the lip fluids is really thick, you really need a little amount to give your lips some pop of color. It was easy to use, and they smell so nice! I decided not to use this one on Nix since I am going for an everyday make up look and this shade is really quite dark and intense. This would be nice to use for a night out or for an event with light shade of eyeshadows. 

Sweet Mousse Lip Fluid #2 Rose Peach – this is the shade I preferred to use on Nix for that everyday makeup look since the shade is quite light. It has a reddish-pinkish-orangey tint to it and brightens up any makeup look. It is really perfect for everyday use!


Check out my unboxing and try-on videos below: 

I really like this makeup set, but if I’ll purchase this, I will likely get the one with a much darker shade. I also would love it if VT Cosmetics would release a few more shades that would fit the skin tone of South East Asian skin tones. But all in all, it was nice to try it and I really enjoyed creating this content especially that this is a product where my fave K-Pop idols are brand ambassadors. 

This VT x BTS The Sweet Special Edition Set is usually sold by resellers at PHP 1000 and above, but you can get this for only PHP 600 via the links below and use my special code voucher: CELEBSAND to get 10% discount!
- https://celebmarket.ph/     

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  1. They are soo cute... I am not a fan of cosmetics but I sometimes buy for my youngest sister, simply bec they are cute it they look good on her. Hehe.

  2. Pari make up meron na bts grabe naman. Pero makes sense kasi most naman ata ng fanbase nila ay girls smart din! Hahaha

  3. im not into BTS perrooo i love the tints.. tints that I wear talaga.. and nawatch ko yung video mo, ang bet ko yung finish look niya.. hindi cakey..

  4. ang galing ng nag make up sayo! love the fresh look. I'm a BTS fan though I don't understand some of the products. Maybe they use this brand for their concerts and photo shoots?

  5. This is totally a collector's item, Jen! Take care of the packaging! :) I really like the cushion! It really blended well on the skin :) I bet you are excited for the pop up store opening soon! hehe

  6. I love the packaging. Gusto ko yung cushion ang ganda na lapat sa mukha. magiging kutis artista ko kapag ginamit ko

  7. Thanks for the swatches, I like those lipstick shades. It's duper okay din if the consistency is thick tapos onti lang need mo to apply, para medyo tipid after all our gastos sa BTS. Hahahaha

  8. The BTS Economics is so good that they earn more money from various merchandises than their music. Their business manager and partners are so clever for their successes too. More collabs pa!

  9. Like the packaging so BTS kung yung anak ko pa. Love the cushion lakas maka fresh look and shade ng tint din. Laki din ng savings when you use the link ah


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