April 12, 2021

First Ever Mukbang featuring Bibigo Food Products

Annyeonghaseyo chingus!! This is the first time I’m posting mukbang ever in my almost a decade of blogging and sharing my food journey to the world! In case you don’t know it yet, even before I got into K-Pop and K-Drama, I was already into K-Food. That is why I am excited with this feature and collab with Bibigo Philippines! Moreso because Bibigo products are being endorsed by one of my fave (and crush) K-Drama actors, Park Seo Joon, OMG! 

This mukbang features BIBIGO food products that was tried by my two siblings Aaron and Hazel. Both of them are great cooks and to be honest, they are very hard to please when it comes to food. Good thing is that I was able to convince them do this while I work behind the camera hahaha! I’m surprised at how my sibs aren’t camera shy and they were like pros hahaha! Let’s see what they have to say! 

But first, here are the BIBIGO products that we got to try and a short review of each narin: 

Gourmet Cheese Hamburgsteak – special hamburger steak filled with soft and rich cheese inside. 3 pieces per pack. Even just with the  photos on their social media, it was already very inviting that’s why I chose to try this one. And it did live up to its hype, it’s so good! The patties were thick, doesn’t taste like its full of extenders, it has that real meat taste plus that generous amount of cheese inside. The tomato sauce was a little weird for me other than that two thumbs up! 

Gourmet Cheese Corndog – corndog filled with cheese. 5 pieces per pack. Akala just another corndog, but wow, it was like “open for a surprise”! The bread has this donut-like texture with the taste of pancake and then inside is massive amount  of cheese when you get at the end you’ll find the sausage! This corndog is just a delight to eat!

Bibigo Japchae – Japchae is known for its glass noodles with a unique flavor and delicious mixture of vegetables. Hmmm, honest review, it tasted like Bon Chon’s but that’s a good thing for a ready-to-cook meal pack right? The glass noodles were thick also, haven’t tried that type before. I’d give it a 3/5 rating. Of course the best japchae is till the one my brother Aaron makes. 

Special thanks to sibs: Hazel, for preparing and cooking 90% of the food for this mukbang; Aaron for participating on this mukbang and editing the video and Jenny for helping us in prepping and cleaning up after. 

Want to try these BIBIGO products out? You can check them out via:
Website: www.bibigomarket.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/bibigomarket
Instagram: instagram.com/bibigomarket

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  1. Those Bibigo products look absolutely delicious! Haven't tried making a mukbang video yet but it looks fun and it gives you the license to eat and eat and eat. Haha!

  2. Bibigo foods look good and affordable pa. That is awesome to share with family and friends plus movie nights.

  3. Oh wow, a mukbang sounds like a brilliant idea for a video. May content ka na, nabusog ka pa. Hahaha. A good spread of food as well!!

  4. Bibigo looks like a promising brand to try out for Korean food cravings

  5. Also my first time to do a Mukbang challenge and we enjoyed it. Matagal na kasi talaga gusto ma try ni Althina ung mga K-food na napapanuod nya. So sabi ko sige nga let's try it. We love the Corndog and Japchae. Nagpapabili ulit si Althina. Hehehe!

  6. uyyy na enjoy ako at natakam!!! bet ko yung corndog and japchae! ill try to order one time. san niluto yung corn dog?

  7. I would love to try Korean foods too. We have Corndog too in Japan but taste very differently. Thanks for sharing this! Had fun watching and please post more of these!!

  8. OMG love mukbang so much, I hope they will have a Cebu brand soon


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