April 30, 2021

Understanding Your Concerns and Identifying Your Goals in Divorce

Even though most divorcees believe that divorce will leave a few of them “winners”, who will walk away with all the money, and others “losers”, who will be left in the dust, the truth is that the assets, liabilities, and rights are likely to be divided fairly to all. Thereby, it is of great importance for all divorcees to sort out their issues and decide on what they cherish the most.


Getting a deeper insight into your concerns and establishing your priorities
With no doubt, divorce is always stressful, yet exhausting. The emotions that usually run high make it more difficult to keep an open mind on everything that is going on. That is why many divorcing people feel helpless and confused. Therefore, when preparing your divorce forms, don’t let your emotions run away with you. You must keep cool whatever it takes so that you can take balanced decisions.

Since a divorce proceeding itself is not easy to digest, you have to sort through your goals and concerns in advance, so that you can realize what matters most to you. The initial step in establishing your priorities is to get a better understanding of your issues that are to be resolved during the proceeding. The most common ones include spousal and child support, asset division, visitation, etc.

Marital Possessions
The division of what you and your ex have acquired as a couple is another concern that should be resolved. You will have to divide your money, home, jewelry, retirement plans, and so forth. Let us say, if you are more concerned about your current financial situation, then you will probably want to give away some retirement savings to receive more cash at present.

If your main goal is to keep a house, then keep in mind that, oftentimes, a marital home is one of the most valuable assets in a divorce. Thereby, be ready to offer your spouse a bigger share of other assets, so that he or she let you stay in the house. Are you OK with this solution? Or you would better put your marital home on sale and divide the profit?

Given the said, it is crucial to establish your financial priorities the moment you decide to get a divorce online. To hit the right path, don’t neglect to consult an expert who will ensure that your settlement agreement enables you to meet your priorities and allows you to cover your future expenses.


Child Maintenance and Custody
If you have kids, you will have to decide on who will get custody of them. Even if your spouse or you don’t mind conceding custody of your little ones, other child-related concerns must be discussed and resolved, though. And these are:
• a visitation schedule;
• division of holiday time;
• the amount of child maintenance, etc.

Even if you currently work with one of many online companies, such as OnlineDivorcer and others, you may want to hire a lawyer, especially if you and another party cannot reach an understanding on many child-related issues. Take note that your split is even tougher on your kids as they have to accommodate themselves to a whole new way of living. And it would be great if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can pull together to make this transition to a new life as smooth as possible. 

Spousal Support 
First of all, you will have to decide on whether or not alimony will be awarded to anybody at all. If so, then you will have to specify how much and how long it will be paid. If you have left your job to take care of your children, then you will probably want to get financial support from your ex, both during and after the proceeding. If you have been unemployed for a while and thus cannot make enough money, then you will probably want to ask for permanent maintenance.

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse fail to resolve this issue amicably, you will have to abandon the idea of having a cheap online divorce and have your case going to court, where a judge will make a reasonable decision for you. 


Give and Take
If you understand your situation, it will not be difficult for you to decide on what you need and want. As soon as you do this, you will be able to settle your matters without wasting much time and money.  Even though you believe that you have hired the greatest lawyer on the globe, he or she will not be able to get you all your needs and wants. Take note that you are not the only person who wants to have something after divorce is finalized. Once you realize that you are not going to grab hold of all possessions, you will be able to set realistic expectations.

Also, if you have a good idea of what exactly you want and what you can get, you can save a lot of money on legal fees. Let us say, if your lawyer understands that you are interested in keeping a house and receiving sole custody of your kids and you cannot care less about your liquid assets, he or she can come up with the proposal that suits your wants best and make it appealing to another party by offering a bigger share of your marital capital. 

By establishing your priorities in advance, you can settle your matters without unnecessary negotiations and debates. Once you and another party understand each other’s goals and concerns, it is more likely that you two will be able to draft an agreement that will be satisfactory to both.  

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