October 5, 2022

4 Profitable Side Gigs You Can Do While Traveling

Nowadays, if you own a laptop and a steady internet connection, you could make anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on your skill set and the time you're ready to commit. Aside from travel making you a better person, it has shown to offer opportunities to start a second job which could potentially earn you more than your full-time gig. Below are four profitable side gigs you can do while traveling. 


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Affiliating marketing can be a great way to make some money if you own an online platform like a blog, website, or social media account with a decent following. This way, you can market products and services for brands for a commission. And you will be compensated every time a customer purchases via your referral link or code. You may find this challenging at first. However, everything becomes much easier when you find a niche for your advertising products. You'll notice an increase in your revenues once you've decided on the firm and brands to work with. 


Complete surveys 
Completing surveys is one of the easiest internet side jobs as you're being paid to share your opinion. You may not earn so much, but completing surveys is excellent for supplementing your income while seeing the world. Most survey sites are free to join, and you'll usually receive payment via Amazon Gift card or PayPal. Some credible survey platforms for your trip include Survey junkie and Swagbucks. 

Online coaching 
Do you have an idea, valuable knowledge, and experience in a particular field, a laptop, and internet connectivity? If yes, then online tutoring is one of the most popular ways to work while traveling. It's therefore not surprising the sector is expanding. You may establish a lucrative online coaching business in different categories if you enjoy coaching and assisting people. According to ZipRecruiter, you can make between $18,500 and $112,000 by providing online coaching in the US. You can share your expertise in various fields, including business, relationships, health and fitness, and so on. Meanwhile, it can be useful to have training certification if you are considering fitness coaching online. 


Travel vlogger/ blogger 
Thanks to today's digital technologies, seeing the world and not sharing the experience with others via social media can be boring. You can make money by publishing these unique experiences through text, beautiful photo stories, or a complete video. The trick is to record and publish your unique moments in a way that inspires people searching for their next live-changing travel destination. 


Vlogging can be a pleasant and creative experience if you do it concurrently with vacation. However, you may need to form some advertising collaborations to generate consistent income from being a vlogger or travel blogger. Vloggers with decent following earn around $36.22 an hour, an equivalent of $6,277/month.

These profitable gigs can be ideal if you want to work while traveling. They can also be useful for earning some additional income to offset your trip expenditures.

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  1. Yes to all! That is why we have no excuses when it comes to making our time very productive. Yung travel blogging dual purpose eh no? kumikita habang nag ttravel, may cons lang din ng onti minsan.

  2. so far, nakaka work from anywhere naman ako with my full time job and for my travels, i blog them, not really to earn from it, but to help people and hopefully one day get to be sponsored! wow!

  3. Blogging is the key for sponsored trips! So far I enjoy the complimentary accommodations and food!


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