October 3, 2022

How To Keep The Memories Alive

The prospect of losing someone and then forgetting who they were is among the most terrifying aspects of the experience. Or that the anguish of parting with them would be greater than the joy of the times you had together. The upside is that you will not be able to forget about them; that much is guaranteed. There are many ways to memorialize a person who has passed away, each of which can assist you in recognizing and honoring the exceptional qualities that they possessed. Here are some concepts to consider.


1 On their birthday, do something extra-special for them.
Find a way to spend time with them that you enjoy doing and make it an annual tradition to carry out that pursuit. You could, for example:
-Spend some time in a location that was special to them or that held significance for the two of you both.
-Hold a big dinner or celebration with your family, and make sure to toast to them.
-Turn on the candle.
-Let off some bubbles

Utilize what you already know about them to your advantage. Attend a class on a subject that they were already very knowledgeable about. Follow the person's preferred walking route. 

2 Communicate with them.
Every one of us has things we regret not being able to convey to loved ones who have passed away. Why not give it a go and see how it goes? When you find yourself in a quiet moment by yourself, you might consider speaking your thoughts out loud. You also have the option of paying a visit to their grave or the location where they were scattered to talk to them or just be with them. It is possible that at first it will feel strange, but many people have reported that it brings them a great deal of comfort.


3 Always keep a reminder of them close at hand.
This could be as simple as the person always wearing their jewelry or watch. For example, a cherished piece of clothing could be worn, repurposed into a cushion, or presented in a gallery as a work of art. There are also businesses out there that take the clothes of people who have passed away and turn them into teddy bears, which is a heartwarming idea, particularly for children.

Having the cremated remains of a deceased loved one made into jewelry or wearing urn ash necklaces is yet another, somewhat more unusual way to pay tribute to a person who has passed away. This quite literally means that you carry them around with you at all times. Check out Memorials.com for some lovely ideas.

4 Travel to a location that they cherished or always wanted to see.
Was there a particular location that your cherished one enjoyed going to or had a deep-seated desire to see in their lifetime? Taking a trip there with the family can be a wonderful way to spend time together and heal together after the loss of a loved one. At the same time, it can be a wonderful way to make some new memories together while still remembering the good times.


5 Put together a display of fireworks.
This, of course, is subject to the laws and customs of the region in which you find yourself residing. A memorial fireworks display can be a lovely way to honor a person who has passed away, provided that such an event is permitted. You can make it a one-of-a-kind and personal celebration of life by including a large number of your loved one's friends and relatives, playing some of their favorite music, and serving some warm beverages.

You could also consider holding a bubble release or a candlelight vigil as an alternative. Avoid using balloons, lanterns, and anything else that has the potential to harm the environment or the local wildlife. The last thing you want is for your loved one's memorial to result in the injury or death of a local animal.

6 Dedicate something to them as a gift.
Many people choose to honor a deceased family member or friend by installing a memorial bench in a setting that is meaningful to them. This can be a wonderful way to think about the person and spend time 'with' them. If, on the other hand, your ancestor was not the type to sit on benches, you might want to try something a little bit more inventive. If they were a big fan of sports, why not see if their favorite team will let you reserve a seat for them at an upcoming game? Call up the radio station and ask them to play a special song for the birthday person on their special day. There will be many large events that will have their pictures displayed on large screens. You might also think about memorializing them through the planting of rose bushes or trees.


7 Compose a letter to them and send it.
When you are going through a tough time in life, you might find that writing is very therapeutic for you. As a consequence of this, writing a letter to a loved one who has passed away can be an excellent way to maintain a connection with the person while also helping you to come to terms with your loss. It is possible to post or save letters by burying them in a grave or scattering them in a specific location. There are other options, such as burning them or putting them on a boat and letting them float down a river.

8 Contribute to a cause that is important to them in some way
Is there a cause that your cherished one cared deeply about and that you might be able to support in their memory? Or perhaps you would be interested in making a financial contribution to a charity that either helps people cope with their terminal illness or provides assistance to families that are similar to yours.

One of the most fitting ways to honor the memory of a person who has passed away is to use their legacy to create something truly remarkable.

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  1. I knew it is hard to lose someone and accepting that you can never see them again is truly unbearable.
    I came up with my own ways to cope like not visiting someone on their deathbed. The people close to me knows my valud reasons, like I don't want our last encounter seeing them suffering. I rather think they are well and moved to a peaceful place far from home.

  2. This is a good list for some people but for someone like me that usually experiences an emotional numbness whenever I lose someone, I don't think I could do this keeping memories alive stuff. Because most of the time, I protect myself from reopening the wounds and so one of the things I do is distance myself and try not to remember the memories until eventually time heals me.

  3. this is sad and nostalgic. but i am sure this is a good list for those who are coping. we all have a different way of coping so whatever heals us, go for it.


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