October 13, 2022

Maxi Dress - The Current Fashion Trend For 2022-2023

There is no better garment to be sexy and at the same time comfortable during the summer than the maxi dress. Preferably ankle length and designed in light and flowing fabrics, we can find it in a wide variety of prints: floral, ethnic, or tribal, in color blocks, or simply in solid tones.

A Maxi dress with cut out back is a dress that adapts perfectly to all types of figures and, depending on the accessories chosen, you can wear it both during the day and at night. Accompanied by flat sandals, to create a casual and fresh look, typical of the summer months; or with a sandal or high-heeled shoe, for a more elegant occasion, the maxi dress is always a good bet. But despite how easy it is to use, there are some details to consider to get the most out of it:

- If you are short, use cuts adjusted to your figure: if you are short, you should avoid sheer dresses with a lot of fabric. She prefers styles that define the figure, accentuates the waist, and do not have a lot of volumes.

- The dress should be the center of attention: you do not need to do much to stand out when wearing this type of dress, since it is a very striking piece of clothing on its own. Accompany your dress with simple accessories, and even for cold days, you can wear it with a simple jacket or a light sweater.

- Plan your footwear well: long dresses look best with casual low sandals, flat flats, or high-heeled sandals, such as wedges. These clothes are very summery, so they don't look good with very closed shoes.

All kinds of women's dresses on Solado:
Discover all the dresses in our collection. We bring you the models with the trends that you like the most and with which you can feel comfortable without giving up your style. Each woman is different, and that's why our catalog of dresses is as wide as tastes can be. This season we wanted to surprise you with some very interesting proposals.

Have you taken a look at the variety of printed brown cut out maxi dress that we have in our online store and in our online stores? Without a doubt, these dresses are gaining more and more prominence. Those with flowers are one of our favorites, that's why we offer you different types of dresses with floral prints. You will find them with pleats, a lot of flares, and with other very flattering cuts and patterns. They will become your favorites for this season.

In addition, we have other fashionable prints that we invite you to discover for yourself and that, without a doubt, you will love. Of course, we also have monochrome dresses. Have you thought about getting one of our white dresses? They are an essential basic in your wardrobe that you can combine with other clothes and accessories with different prints and achieve a great final result.

The dress you are looking for:
This season we have a wide variety of models designed for you. As soon as you see the different models you will discover why. We have super comfortable loose dresses for any situation: from going to work or your day-to-day tasks, to wearing them at a special event.

Our shirt dresses cause a sensation. Have you thought about getting one and renewing your wardrobe? Choose from the different options, with the most original prints or sustainable fabrics, as part of our commitment to the environment.
Long-sleeved or short-sleeved dresses:
We know that the type of sleeve can be key for you to decide on one dress or another. Do you prefer your dresses to have long sleeves or short sleeves? Don't worry because in our catalog you will find all kinds of sleeves: long, short, 3/4, and even sleeveless. So, you can easily find and grab the outfits you like the most.

Long and short dresses:
The length of the dress will not be a problem in our catalog because we have short and long dresses, perfect for any situation. It is always good that you have variety in your wardrobe, so do not focus only on one type of dress.

Open your eyes to the range of variety that we offer you and dare with different models without giving up your style. Do you know midi dresses? They have an intermediate length that ends just below the knee. It is a different cut specially designed to flatter the female silhouette.

Try to create different outfits by combining your favorite dresses with our jackets and shoes and with the models from our catalog of coats for the colder months. Have you already found the perfect dress for this season? If not, then visit our website solado.com and find the best outfits to wear this season. We also have a leopard print long dress to bring out your bolder look!

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