October 17, 2022

Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves: Love At First Sight!

The options in long-sleeved wedding dresses are many and varied, so you will have no problem choosing the one that best suits your silhouette, your style, and your personality. Do you need inspiration? Pay attention to this guide and choose the best dress for the occasion.

If you are one of those brides who plan to say "I do" in the fall or winter months, you cannot miss this incredible selection at Solado.com. We have a range of most beautiful cut out long sleeve top and long-sleeved dresses, perfect to defy the cold and look impeccable and full.

And if your wedding is in spring, don't miss them either! And it is that these wedding dresses set a trend today. Reasons are not lacking, because, in addition to being elegant and original, they stylize the arms a lot. And you will find as many options as you can imagine! Have you thought about choosing a wedding dress with long sleeves for your big day?

Long-sleeved wedding dresses: tradition and modernity
In ancient times, there was no option: all women married covered up to the neck and with long sleeves that even covered part of the hands to demonstrate their purity and modesty. Today, long-sleeved wedding dresses have made a strong comeback in the collections of major women's bridal fashion designers to give the bride a sophisticated and elegant image.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves: a sensual bride:
Betting on a long-sleeved dress does not mean at any time not being a sensual bride. And it is that you will find beautiful wedding dresses with long sleeves and bareback to compensate for what the sleeves cover, for example, as well as elegant wedding dresses with sleeves and a deep V-neckline and attractive mermaid silhouettes whose sleeves with tattoo effect will attract all the looks.
Long-sleeved wedding dresses: different types:
In the same way that you do not lack designs in terms of cuts, necklines, or lengths, you will also discover a universe of proposals when it comes to finding the backless long sleeve top wedding dress that best defines you and best fits the style of the wedding. So don't wait any longer to find out all your options. They can be simple long-sleeved wedding dresses, elegant long-sleeved wedding dresses, boho long-sleeved dresses, long-sleeved lace wedding dresses, transparent long-sleeved wedding dresses... We reveal them to you! all!

Long fitted sleeves:
A true classic, this type of wedding dress sleeves will continue to be very topical in 2022. They are the ones that cover the entire arm up to the wrist, optically lengthening and stylizing it, as can be seen in the models. Very elegant, they can be dressed with plain long sleeves with or without visible buttons, long-sleeved wedding dresses in lace, or present the wonderful tattoo lace effect, which seems to draw different floral and geometric motifs on the skin of the female protagonist of the day. 

In the same way, they may or may not be made with the same fabrics as the rest of the dress, and incorporate various trendy elements, such as feathers or rhinestones. They even support two very different presentations, one for each arm. Also note that tight long sleeves are very appropriate for wide-waisted brides, with thick arms (it hides them), and for short or medium-sized brides (it stylizes them).

Bell (or trumpet) sleeves:
You will surely love this proposal: a wedding dress with tight sleeves up to the elbow, which widens in the shape of a bell at its end. It is ideal for brides of medium height and short, as it stylizes, and for those with curves not overweight.

Batwing sleeves
They are very wide and loose and are characterized by the fact that, when they open their arms, they simulate the wings of a bat, as its name suggests, and as can be seen in the wonderful White One model. These sleeves are ideal for thin arms, small chests wide hips, and narrow shoulders.

Poet sleeves:
It is a dress with long and wide sleeves that fits at the wrist, usually with buttons or ties. Flared sleeve crop top can be worn by all kinds of brides, even those with wide arms since it hides them. You will surely love the proposals by Solado.

Puffed or balloon sleeves:
Very easy to distinguish, they are very wide sleeves in the shoulder area and the upper part of the arm. Perfect to enhance any bridal look, they add glamor and romance and create the feeling of a narrower waist. And, by having the volume in the upper part of the arm, they stylize especially brides with thick arms.

Three-quarter sleeves:
The sleeve wedding dress is one in which the sleeve reaches the forearm. Very common in street style fashion, it is also essential in long-sleeved wedding dresses. The key to its success? It stylizes a lot and is the one that most favors all types of women.

Impressive, they will not go unnoticed by anyone on the day of the wedding, because if something characterizes and distinguishes this elegant wedding dress, it is the great length of the sleeves, which take the form of a beautiful cape. A wedding dress with long sleeves that suits any type of woman.

How about? Did you know that there were so many options for wedding dresses with long sleeves? If you like these proposals, do not hesitate to discover many more on solado.com - Find yours!

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