August 28, 2015

Property24: The Search for My Perfect Dream Home

Every one of us have at some point dreamt of owning their own homes. Whether you will work hard to earn money to buy it or you’re lucky enough to have parents or relatives that will gift you a house, owning one gives you a sense of security and freedom. I believe many of us don’t want to live with our parents or relatives or rent a place like forever. It’s not about having to brag to your family and friends that you have your own home, for me it’s more of the security and freedom that it gives.
When thinking about buying my own house in the near future, I have 5 places in the Philippines where I want to buy properties. They are Pasig City, Makati City, Tagaytay, Puerto Princesa and Bohol. I want to buy a house in Pasig City because there is where I was born and raised. Pasig will always be special in my heart and I will always be a true-born and cold-blooded Pasigueña. Buying a property in Makati is more of an investment, since it is very near the business districts you’re sure that the value of your house will appreciate over the years. Not to mention it’s where I also work and having to travel less time will save money and energy.

Next is Tagaytay, who wouldn’t want to own a house in Tagaytay where you can always go up there on weekends and enjoy the year-long cool breeze? I don’t think no one will argue with me on that. When I visited Puerto Princesa and Bohol, I fell in love with these places. They are both emerging cities but the touch of country and beach life is still a big part of them. Puerto Princesa is the jump off point to so many beautiful beaches in Palawan, like El Nido and San Vicente. While in Bohol, Panglao Island, Virgin Island, Pamilacan Island and Balicasag Island are just a stone’s throw away!
I’ve looked up online for properties in this areas and found a handful of interesting and appealing listing at
PASIG: Brand New House in Greenwoods Pasig
I am very familiar with this village because it’s very near my where I used to live and where I studied elementary and high school. I also know a lot of colleagues who live there so the moving to that place wouldn't feel unfamiliar.

This house is actually huge! It has a lot area of 120 sqm and floor area of 200 sqm AND with 4 bedrooms! The design is also very modern and minimalist. It’s a dream house for anyone actually. And oh it has a pocket garden too! The village is also gated and has its own clubhouse, pool and playgrounds. A great community to live in!
MAKATI: Rodriguez Townhouse in Makati City
Like I said awhile back, owning a property in Makati is very advantageous. This listing has very near the Makati Central Business District and a few meters from Pres. Sergio Osmeña Highway, very near EDSA, Arnaiz Ave., and Gil Puyat Ave. This gives you easy access to all the places of work, commercial centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, government offices, and places of worship/churches or just about any destination one may frequently go to.

This is a 3 storey townhouse that has 3 bedrooms, 4 toilet and baths (Wow! 1 for every room and 1 common CR). It also has a covered deck and garage. Perfect for an urban family who loves city living!
TAGAYTAY: Townhouse in Tagaytay City
Who doesn’t wasn’t to have a place where you can escape to any time you want, when you’re tired of the city and want to unwind? Or perhaps waking up on mornings drinking hot cocoa or coffee while a cool and misty fog will kiss your skin good morning? Well, that’s what I love about Tagaytay and it’s one of my biggest dream to own a house up there.

I found this very beautiful place in Tagaytay Hampton Villas where the townhouse unit has an entrance porch, 2 bedrooms, 2 T&B with a balcony (where you can stay on mornings and late afternoons for a good cup of coffee and a book) and a landscape pocket garden. The property also has a clubhouse,playgrounds, gazebo and a pool.
PUERTO PRINCESA: Beach and Coral Paradise in Puerto Princesa
Who doesn't want to own a beach house someday? Well I know for a fact that I would love to own  beach house some day! If ever I become rich or have the money to invest in pretty luxurious property I would definitely buy a lot near a beach. My dream is to wake up each morning having the sound of waves as my alarm. Then I would walk on the shore, do my devotions while sipping coffee.
exactly like this
Now, I found this property, Beach and Coral Paradise in Puerto Princesa, from and I immediately fell in love with it! I can't imagine the feeling of walking in this wide beach shore on mornings and probably doing yoga on the beach... *sigh* This property already has its own abundant supply of natural spring water. The land slopes to the seashore, with elevated portions offering exceptional views of the land all around. Existing infrastructure are: internal road, drainage canals and pipes, two fish ponds, and the caretaker's house, a 6-bedroom, 200-sq. m. wooden house, 2 bathrooms, a garage, a concrete tennis court, a bar, bbq area and a shower stall by the beach. But there's always an option to improve the place to your liking.

The last time I was in Puerto Princesa, I developed a love for this place. It is already a city but the feel and atmosphere of province life is still very much folded in the city. The people here are also very nice and friendly. You also have the chance to explore nearby places and beaches like El Nido, San Vicente and Underground River, any time you want. After all, who wouldn't want to live in the best island in the world (according to travel bloggers and CNN!) I would probably build a resort on this property and alot a part of the land where I will build my beach house. It would be super lovely to retire to such a wonderful place...

BOHOL:  House and Lot in Tagbilaran City
Just like Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran City is a growing city but the footprints of the old-Castillan influence mixed with the beach life is so evident in Tagbilaran. Bohol is one of my favorite place to go, I've only been there twice but I always have it in my heart to go back. I've still have a lot to explore in this province. Tagbilaran is the jump off point to all the tourist spots in Bohol. It would be awesome to go to Panglao and enjoy its fine white sand beaches just when you feel like it and it's just a 30-minute drive from the city. Or go near the Chocolate Hills and do some ATV or outdoor sports and visit falls and rivers. 
This property I saw from  Property24 is near the city but is located in a low density community of Bool District. So you still can enjoy that rustic and beach ambiance without all the hassle and bustle. It's only about 5-minute ride to City proper and about 2-minutes to junction leading to the island of Panglao. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 CRs so if you want to invite friends from Manila over they have a room to stay. is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

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