August 30, 2015


Some people reward  themselves by eating out, going to spas, collecting stuff, buying shoes or bags or travelling. But as for me, shopping for clothes are my kind of retail therapy. It’s been a while since I am able to reward myself by buying clothes. After purchasing the Black Short Sleeve Lace Beach Dress, I was left with very little store credits from Good thing I am such a social media inclined person that I was able to get clothes for almost free. How so? I always do reviews, join giveaways and publish promotions for SheIn.

I was able to accumulate almost $50 worth of store credits/bonus points in a month which gave me a chance to purchase a couple of items from SheIn. Since I got the items virtually free of cost, I paid for an expedite shipping fee so that I can get a hold of my package asap. I was amazed on how fast their expedited shipping was. I ordered Friday and Monday my package was already in the Philippines out for delivery!

So here’s my latest haul from


+ White V Neck Short Sleeve Floral Dress +

The porcelain and Greek looking prints are now very on trend and that’s the reason I picked this dress for my latest SheIn haul. The dress is true to size and fits me well. The length was just right as well, the hem hit a couple inches above my knee, not too short and not too long – just about right.

The material used somewhat looked and felt like linen so it’s perfect for any humid weather or for Summer. Even though it is white it wasn't so flimsy and sheer and it already had a built-in lining to it, so no need to wear anything underneath. I also loved the print on it looked like they are stitched or embroidered.

It looked exactly like the photo on their website. I was so convinced to buy it because of the great photos of girls and reviews of those who already purchased it. I also noticed I am already lacking dresses that I could use for everyday wear.


+ Blue Lapel Elephant Embroidered Pocket Blouse +

I’ve been eyeing this blouse for awhile because I really wanted to have a chambray blouse because it looks really nice for any day. It can be used as an office wear and on casual days. You can also pair it with just about anything. I also love the shade of blue of this blouse because it will go well with any color for your choice of bottom.

As always, I ordered a size larger than I would usually get just to make sure it would fit perfectly or if it is larger I can always sew it to fit me. I was crossing my fingers that it would be a hit with the size and I was glad it did. The blouse fit me well, but the buttons were popping around the chest area so I decided to put automatics to keep them in place.

The material used was kind of stiff but tolerable, I guess that it is really how a chambray cloth falls because of its denim-ish texture. I thought it would also make me sweat more than I usually do, but to my surprise it didn’t. It was very comfortable to wear. I am also liking the elephant embroidered on the pocket and the detail linings on the flaps/lapels, collars and cuff.

+ Black White V Wire Strapless Swimwear +

I bought this swimsuit because I really loved how sleek it looked and I planned to wear it to my beach trip, but I was not able to use it. As usual, I ordered a larger size than my normal size. Unfortunately, this swimsuit was not true to size in some areas. I could have used it if I had the time to make some alterations but I didn’t.

The swimsuit is such a beauty. The black and white combo is so sleek and classy. It made of spandex with a good stretch to it and has a lining. The bust part has a non-removable padding though, which was not a problem at all.

I ordered the large to make sure my boobs will have full coverage. Though the body and the length didn't fit that well, it was kinda lose and would have fit a woman with a longer torso (which unfortunately I didn't have because I am petite). I was able to sew the side and adjust the bottom part to fit me well. Too bad I wasn't able to use it during my recent beach trip to Davao. I also learned my lesson to get my usual size for swimsuits since they have a stretch and would conform to the body. Either way I still love this stunning one piece.

+ Red Spaghetti Strap Cross Back Maxi Dress +

I'm not really a fan of the color red and I don't think I own more than 2 pcs of clothes in that color. This dress was actually a prize I won from being a Publish Program member. The dress is as pretty as the one posted  on the website.

The dress is made of chiffon fabric with a built-in lining. It is very flowy as well, falls and moves beautifully as well. The thing with dress is that it was so long for my height but that's not a big burden because I can always sew it to my height. I also need to make a few adjustments on the bust area too.

The dress is super sexy especially the criss-cross back detail. Because of that I would probably use it as a beach dress instead as a special occasion dress. Unless I can muster the guts to or I can lose a lot of pounds and tone my back and arms. The waist are fits me well though.
Interested in these items? Just click the descriptions of the products to check more details and if they are still available. So if you love any of these grab them fast before they sold out.

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