August 3, 2015

Join the SheIn Publisher Program

When we believe in certain products and services that we are using, it’s so easy for us tell convincing stories to others about them and we usually are so excited to share.  Well, that’s exactly how I am about You may notice that I always feature products in my blog, aside from being part of their Publisher Program it is because I believe in and like what they have to offer.

I, too, am a customer of SheIn and I have firsthand experience when it comes to purchasing items from their site and so far I am not disappointed with what I’ve purchased. I’ve seen so many online clothing stores, and I frequent these websites; I mean there’s not a day that I don’t check online stores. I love buying from online stores because they save me the time and effort to go to the mall. And SheIn is one of those that I  visit almost everyday because they sell the trendiest clothes at reasonable prices and they always update their stocks.

When my blog steadily grew an audience and getting more page hits, I had no idea that it has been attracting companies to use my blog as a platform to promote their products. I started receiving emails for cooperations and affiliate programs, and one of them was from SheIn. Even before they emailed me to be part of the Publish Program, I already knew about them, have been checking their site constantly and have been following their social media account. So I was pretty ecstatic when I got a message from them. I didn’t even blink when I replied to the email and said that I would love to be part of their campaign. But you don't need to receive an email just so you can be a SheIn Publish Program Member, read along and I'll let you know how and I'll give you some advice on how to be successful in doing so.

It started in January 2014 and so far I’m super enjoying being a part of the SheIn Publish Program member. Why? Because I've been getting fair commissions and (most often than not) I use that to buy clothes from SheIn too. I find it pretty cool that I don’t need to spend a portion of my salary anymore just so I can buy fashionable clothes. The part of my salary that I’m supposed to use to shop for clothes (and other personal wants) now is being utilized for other more important payables. So I really could say that it somehow helps with the finances. For me, I want to think that the commissions that  I’m earning from the Publish Program are store credits that I use to buy items from from SheIn and in that way it's like I’m getting free clothes from SheIn.

If you have a blog, may it be on Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr, or you plan on starting a blog and you also want to get trendy clothing items and earn while you're pursuing a hobby, I’m encouraging you to join the SheInside Publish Program (click here to register: BE A SHEINSIDE PUBLISH PROGRAM MEMBER).

So here's my secrets on how to get higher commissions, attract more sign-ups, attract more traffic and how to pass to get extra bonus:

-> Include in your post what you also want to have for yourself. I enjoy writing for SheInside and choosing the items that I feature on my blog posts; most of them are apparels that I would love to have for myself also. Thus I don’t only include them in my blog, I also add them to my SheInside account’s Wishlist and purchase one of them once in awhile. plus it's a great way to showcase your style :-)

Like these items here too:
 Left to right:
>> Green Backless Bow Pleated High Low Dress (click here for more details)
>> White Spaghetti Strap Backless Split Dress (click here for more details)
>> Blue Sleeveless Floral Print Dress (click here for more details)
>> Scoop Neck Sleeveless Zigzag Dress (click here for more details)

-> Share them in in most , if not all, of your social media accounts. For sure you have a lot of social media that you maintain, so if you have posted an entry that feature SheInside, an OOTD shot wearing a SheInside item, a Polyvore set you made, etc; post them and share them. That's what I always do, I have a couple social media sites that I regularly update like my blog's Facebook page, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr,  Twitter, Polyvore, Lookbook, Chictopia and Pinterest. I've noticed that whenever I post something about SheInside on my social media accounts and check the trend on my Publish Program account, the traffic/clicks hike up.

-> Buy from SheInside too and wear them when going out with friends, at school, at work or at church. It's one of the great way to promote SheInside, people around you are your first-hand audience. If they don't regularly read your blog or follow you on your social media, this is one of the great ways to help promote SheInside. I've had several instances when friends and even strangers compliment me every time I wear something that I got from SheInside and I would always tell them to check out my blog and look for my SheInside posts. Many of my friends were convinced of buying from SheInside because they have seen me wear items from them.

-> Always be creative and include attention-grabbing photos in your blog post. When I write a blog post even for other companies that ask for cooperation or for any topic, I make it a point to give a lot of effort into creating a the whole blog post itself. I don't just say things, but I tell stories and share some aspects of my life or what's currently happening to me. I also just don't grab the photos from the sites, I take tine to edit them as well and sometimes combine them according to their styles. I believe it's more attractive to my audience as evidenced by the number of hits/clicks (which came from my blog), that I get in my account's Trend report. Bottomline is, always put your heart in everything you do.

-> Don't ever forget to use your affiliate ID whenever you share anything from SheInside. In that way they can track that a click or a sale came from you. I guess this should be the number one thing you should do.

Not so hard right? You don't have to be a pure fashion blogger just to be part of the SheInside Publish Program, but if you are then you got the most advantage of course. But success rates doesn't depend on it, you gotta know as well how to be an effective marketing arm for a company you truly believe in and adore.

Interested in being a a SheInside Publish Program member? Register here: BE A SHEINSIDE PUBLISH PROGRAM MEMBER). and look for the Publish Program link at the bottom part of the website. And start being a member and earning :-)

Good luck! :-)

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