August 31, 2015

Short But Sweet Wedding Dresses from MillyBridal

Every girl has her weaved her dream wedding even when she was just a little girl. Some want it to be like a fairy tale kind of wedding, some they want it plain, sweet and simple. But no matter how it will turn out to be, most of the time it is the bride’s desires that will always push thru. After all, it is her big day second to her debut birthday. I know it should be a celebration for both the bride and groom and the two of them are the most important people in a wedding ceremony, but have you ever thought as to why people say congratulations to the groom and best wishes to the bride? 

They say congratulations to the groom as proper etiquette because this implies that the groom should be congratulated for being lucky for getting such a wonderful bride and to the fact that the woman accepted the man’s marriage proposal. The proper way to express your happiness to the bride is to say best wishes. This is your way of saying that you want her married life to be happy and fulfilling.

Anyway, that’s just a little tidbit for you guys. On to what this post is really about – the choice of wedding dresses. For girls who want to have an extravagant wedding, of course they should choose a long dress with probably a long train to go with that. But if you have chosen to have a very simple ceremony or you plan to be wed at the city hall and having just a quaint celebration afterwards, I guess the best way to go is to get a short wedding dress. 

Whether you're eloping (which I hope you wouldn’t do!), throwing a civil wedding at the city hall, or need something to wear to your rehearsal dinner, there are a lot of readily available Cheap wedding Dresses that falls just above or in line with your knees. Of course you should always keep in mind the element of gracefulness and being classy by all means too. 

A short, midi or tea-length wedding dress will allow you to still look like the bride you have dreamed to be without the hassle of lugging around a long gown or a train. Short wedding dresses are also perfect for summer or spring weather since it will allow you to keep a traditional wedding and also allow more freedom of movement; not to mention enjoying the sun kissing your skin.

You can find the featured dresses in this article plus a wide selection of other pretty short wedding dresses at Millybridal.

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  1. Great selection! Very elegant choices!


  2. These dresses are all so beautiful - love the colours and styles!! :)

  3. So nice sweetheart wedding dresses you share with me. Love it very much. Thanks.

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2016

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