August 29, 2015

Lace Meets the Sea

There is always a first time for everything. We get either excited or scared when we’re about to do or experience something for the first time; but once you’re already there you forget all the emotions of doing and experiencing that first time. You just be in the moment. For the first time in my years of existence I was able to set foot in Mindanao. Mindanao is the southernmost island of the 3 major islands groups that make up the Philippines.  I’ve been to Siargao earlier this year and it’s part of Mindanao but it’s not mainland Mindanao, so I can’t really consider being to the 3 major islands. Until the third day week of August 2015. I flew from rainy Manila and more than an hour later set foot in sunny and fair-weathered  Davao City. And finally I am able to say, I’ve somehow been all-over the Philippines.

I will save the other details of Davao 2015 trip for my later posts though. My itinerary included a trip to Pearl Farm Beach Resort which is in Samal Island, still a part of Davao. I just went for a day tour and the place was downright luxurious and beautiful. But I’m going to leave you hanging because I’m going to share that on my future post and this post is actually about this dress/beach cover up I wore to Pearl Farm and when I was in Pearl Farm.

I got this dress from one of my favorite online stores I first saw it during the regular pre-sale offering of SheIn but at that time I didn't have enough store credits to purchase it. When I eventually gathered enough credits I immediately added it to my cart and just paid for the shipping fee. It took more than a month before it got to me because it got stuck at our local post office (yeah our post system still sucks and still kinda old school). I was afraid it wouldn't arrive just in time for trip since I really intended to use it for my visit to Pearl Farm.

It was actually meant as a swimsuit cover up or a beach dress. But I thought of using it as a dress when I travel to Pearl Farm so I wont bring so much stuff with me. I just put on a cami over my swimsuit and then put this dress on. When I got to Pearl Farm I just took off the cami and I was good to go.

I really love how it looked like. The material was delicate that I was careful not to get it nicked or torn. The dress was exactly the same as the photo on the SheIn website. Although it seemed like a midi dress for my petite height, I couldn't find anything to complain about it.

The dress wasn't itchy or stiff; it was so flowy and went with where the wind blew it. I always order one size larger than my usual size to make sure there is always a room for alteration. But this dress fit well and didn't need any alteration at all. The waist is elastic so it conformed to my waistline (which I wont disclose btw, LOL)

I must also mention and commend how well-made this dress is. It really is of great quality and you actually get the worth out of your buck. I also really like the scalloped details of the lace at the edge of the sleeves and at the hem.

This dress is one of my fave finds from Black Short Sleeve Lace Beach Dress, I like that it's versatile enough to be used as dress (add a slip or cami underneath) and as a swimsuit cover up. Definitely worth it! It’s unique and absolutely amazing!

You can check out this dress here: Black Short Sleeve Lace Beach Dress, and I think this is already on sale, so get yours now before it runs out of stock.

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