December 4, 2013

Boracay 2013 Travel Diary: Smoke Resto

We were following a somehow strict budget during our last Boracay trip, and vouched to eat cheap for the first 3 days of our stay and just splurge on our last night. We ended up alternately eating between Mang Inasal  and Andok's in D'Mall, which was not a problem for the both of us since we're not picky eaters and the quality and price of their food is reasonable, unlike most restaurants in Boracay. As I've said in my previous posts about our Boracay trip, nothing is cheap in Boracay. 

I encountered Smoke Resto during one of my web surfing, through a blog post while I was looking for what to do and where to eat in Boracay. I did a mental note to check on this resto once we get to Boracay. I think it was on our third day that we decided to look for it, we went to their bigger and new location along the main island but was told that it opens at 6:00pm onwards but their other branch opens early which was in D'Mall. So we walked towards D'Mall and asked around where Smoke is.

We found it in the alley just before Andok's. If you're coming from the beach path, enter the alley where Cafe Del Sol is, walk straight ahead and turn left once you see Andok's and Big Mouth; follow path and you'll find Smoke Resto on the left side. The place is screaming "red" so I'm pretty sure you won't miss it.

If you're looking for a posh place to eat, well, Smoke is not the place for you; it is one of those hole-in-wall restaurants you can find in Boracay. No fancy interiors and ultra comfy seating. The place is quite small too and the tables are placed very near each other. But if you're looking for good food with reasonable prices, and does not mind seating shoulder-to-shoulder with customers on the other table, then Smoke is the way to go.

They offer a variety of dishes, from breakfast to lunch/dinner meals. Their best seller is the beef salpicao and the sizzling Bulalo. Service is also fast, btw. And the dishes are cooked after you order so you know that what you're eating is fresh and it is still hot when served.

The number of locals and foreigners who come to eat here proves that Smoke Resto does live up to the its hype. When we were there, a large group of Koreans came and dined, they even ordered Bulalo, which was amusing to see, since Bulalo is a very local delicacy that most foreigners do not take chance in eating.

Smoke Resto Menu

We ordered beef curry rice meal and sizzling beef salpicao. At first, when the dishes were given, I thought, the serving size isn't that much. Yet when we started eating and just halfway consuming the food, I already felt so full.

 sizzling beef salpicao
beef curry rice meal 

It was a satisfying lunch after all and didn't left a hole in our pockets. It was also a nice alternative, after eating Andok's or Mang Inasal for several times already. I will definitely visit Smoke Resto again, in case I go back to Boracay!

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Boracay 2013 Travel Diary: Smoke Resto
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