December 6, 2013

It's the Holidays! An Feature

It's the Holidays already! Everyone's getting busier by the day, traffic gets heavier and heavier each day, almost all of us will be bitten by the Holiday bug and we're all going to be caught up with a bunch of parties and get-togethers one after the other!

Shopping may become stressful here and now, due to congested traffic on the streets and too many "human traffic" inside the malls, bazaars and "tiangges". Last week, I, my husband and a couple friends went to one of the well-known shopping places in Metro Manila, to do an early scouting for clothes and gifts. But we were somehow disappointed when we almost went home empty-handed. I got dismayed that the items that the stores at this place were mostly old or last season stocks and there are too few to choose from. It was frustrating to use up fuel, brave all that traffic and squeeze ourselves in a place full of people, and ended up just buying just a few items.

The same thing happened when we tried going to the mall on a weekend, the line at the parking was so long that my husband decided that I got off the car and park our car himself and we'll just text each other to meet somewhere after he was able to park so as not to waste precious time. Real story: My friend and I lined up for an hour to pay for 4 items that we wanted to buy, when we got to the cashier, it took us less than 10 minutes to transact! Ironic isn't it?

Now I'm starting to feel a little lazy shopping in malls and bazaars. It puts me in a lot of stress and makes me so tired. Good thing that I have an option of buying clothes and gifts online! Since I'm always online, I've been very familiar with a lot of online shopping sites, but I've come across something new lately. I recently discovered this online fashion store, was established in the 2008. Just within half a year, Aupie has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion. Aupie updates their styles on a regular basis, and most products are limited. Their products ranges from dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, jewelries and bags. They even have dresses for formal occasions and swimwear! Aupie also offer free shipping worldwide, 60 days return policy and  a 15%  off coupon upon registration! I also love how sleek and elegant the style of their website, plus the photos of the items load fast!

I hurriedly and excitedly browsed their website and found a lot of stuff that I want to add to my Holiday Clothing/Accessories wishlist! Most of them are perfect for the holiday season. OK, I don't want you to keep you guys waiting, so let's go straight to my top picks (they are divided into categories, btw)!

Let's start with the dresses: 
Left to Right: 

Left to Right:

Left to Right:

Now let's see my top picks for tops:
Left to Right:

Left to Right:

Left to Right:

Now let's talk about bags:
Left to Right/Top to Bottom:

With these stylish items just a click away, who would want to even go shop personally at the malls? Convinced? Head over to to do your Holiday wardrobe shopping!

Wanna see what else I added to my wishlist? See my Pinterest Wishlist here:

Happy Holiday shopping everyone!

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  1. I didn't know about this website before, but I'll definitely check it! I just love some of the dresses, tops and handbags that you selected!


    1. yes please do check it out! they have lots of stylish clothes to offer plus they even have formal dresses and swimsuits! thanks for the comment :)

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