December 15, 2013

TIPSY PIG: A Gastropub That Delivers The Gastro! (Part 2)

Continuation...  The Gastro Part:

Tipsy Pig Gastropub offers a variety of menu options that would satisfy everyone's unique taste. They both render  new/unique and familiar dishes ranging from appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, big plates, main courses and bar chows. We were able to see something on the menu that seems familiar but when they were already on our plates and were able to finally taste them, we thought to ourselves that much care is taken in the creation of each dish.

Before I go on,  first of.. I'm in no way a food connoisseur so I don’t know how to properly describe the dishes. I'm just someone who loves to eat and knows how to appreciate if the food is great or just so-so.

To start off our dinner, we tried the Belly Good Sisig Tacos for appetizers. This one, they say is one of the restaurant's best seller. Who would have thought that you can use Sisig to fill soft shell tacos? Very innovative right? This isn't something that you would normally encounter on a day to day basis. And they taste so good! I don’t know how to appropriately describe it, just believe me when I say that they are good!

check out the shape of the chopping board :-) oink!

The Rigatoni Pasta in Spicy Shrimp is another unexpected taste for me but I'm surprised to know that they go so well together.

The size of the Grilled Salmon Steak, right off the bat, I was sure I can't finish all by myself. I love love love the cherry tomatoes with basil that go with this entree! One can never go wrong with basil and tomatoes put together. Also, the Tipsy Pig's Mashed Potato, that accompany some of the main courses, is as yummy as every meal on our table. Insider info from Migs: cheese is incorporated in the mash! it's just plain wow,  isn’t it?

look at the size of that thing!

We ate the The Triple Chops and the side dishes as stand-alone parts of the dish. We all dig in and enjoyed every bit. Not until Chef Jared told us to combine a slice of the pork chop plus some apple chutney and some  mash potato and devour  them all at the same time. And he was right, it tasted different! We never knew that the grilled pork chops would taste that dramatically if you eat it that way!

And if you can see the piece of garlic clove there, it's not just part of the plating or just a décor. Chef Jared removed its skin, mashed it and then spread it onto the pork chop. And again another unique flavor experience right there!

The show stopper was The Number 4 Pizza!  This pizza is topped with 4 kinds of cheese: Cheddar, Mozzarella, Provologne and Parmesan. And we all love how just right and puffy the pizza dough was. This is one of the best pizza I've tried so far. And the cheese, oh the cheese...

I love how the meat falls off from the bones of this Jack and Coke BBQ Ribs. Jack and Coke is one of the famous alcoholic mix and have been a favorite marinade for ribs and other BBQs. Tipsy Pig's version was saucy, juicy, tender and was incredible. Plus the size of the serving here for its price is unbeatable! If you go to other restaurants and order BBQ ribs of this size, I bet you'll pay starting at around PHP 1,000.

check out the shape of the chopping board! ;-)

What I love about The Tipsy Burger meal is the Mozzarella stuffed inside the patty and the oatmeal bun. The onion rings are delish as well!

And for desserts, we ordered 2 servings of the Lava Cake, this is a molten chocolate cake oozing with warm chocolate ganache topped with vanilla ice cream! Need I say more???

We were like innocent kids gasping out of pleasure with all this new gastronomic experience. It's just nice to know that Tipsy Pig Gastropub is not scrimpy when it comes to serving.  We ordered one dish for each of us, plus an appetizer and a pizza... not knowing that the servings would be so much for only a single person to consume! We ordered the amount of food enough to feed 7-8 people when it was only  just the 5 of us. Although I'm ashamed to admit it but we finished everything, no left overs! LOL!

The Pub Part:

Usually starting at 10:00 pm the place gets full and is transformed into a lounge bar, a DJ will start playing hip songs and the resto will be converted into a party scene.

Tipsy Pig Gastropub has an extensive bar list and their signature cocktails and signature brews are named after some of the owners and the chefs. Take these as examples for instace: "Saint Jared" was named after Chef Jared Sto. Tomas and "Pretty in Bubby" named after part-owner/model Bubbles Paraiso. Really clever, isn't it?!

Although we left after having our sumptuous dinner, so we didn't get to try the drinks;  but they look as good as the food we have eaten. I was able to search online for reviews about Tipsy Pig's drinks and brews, and have found favorable feed backs. So maybe next time I might do some social drinking and try them out.

It's rare nowadays to enjoy gourmet food prepared and cooked by talented and skilled chefs without paying a hefty price. The prices of the food and drinks at Tipsy Pig is not up to the point of burning-a- hole-in-your-pocket-kind-of-price, but are reasonable enough for the quality and taste of the dishes, the size of the servings, the food presentations, the cozy ambiance and the efficient service.  I can attest to it when I say you'll be getting great value for your hard earned money, especially for young professionals who make up most of the crowd at Tipsy PigWe were left with something to rave and crave again and again considering the food here is good and uncontrived.

It was totally a fun night and dinner with friends and new found acquaintances! I enjoyed every bit of that dinner, the conversations and stories we've shared and of course, the superb gastro experience at Tipsy Pig Gastropub!

Tipsy Pig Gastropub is open daily from 4:00 pm to 4:00 am.  Just a tip, do call to reserve a table if you plan to go there later than 8:30-9:00 pm. Based on experience, customers starts to pour in as early as 7:00 in the evening  and a scarcity of seating area is unavoidable.

Other menu items from Tipsy Pig that I've tried lately:

Vineyard Pizza
Grilled Salmon Steak in Penne Carbonara
Rib Eye 11

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Store Hours: Mon - Sun: 4:00 pm - 4:00 am
Location: Meralco Ave. corner Shaw Blvd. Pasig City, Philippines
Contact No: 570-4620
Social Media:

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
Tipsy Pig Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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