December 15, 2013

TIPSY PIG: A Gastropub That Delivers The Gastro! (Part 1)

I absolutely believe that more pounds will be added to what excess I already have before this year ends because of tad too many parties and get-togethers I’ll be attending this holiday season. The first  Saturday of this month kicked it off, when a few of my good college friends decided to meet up for dinner that will serve as our Christmas party. Of which we usually don’t do on a regular basis especially when most of the Cluster PG members (what we call our group in college because we all love to eat!) have migrated abroad. It’s rarely that we see each other now and Facebook messaging became our only means of endlessly chatting with each other. But when we do meet up, it’s a hundred percent that the gathering will surely be a blast.

Jonnah invited us and recommended that we try out this new place in Capitol Commons (Pasig City), TIPSY PIG GASTROPUB, where the chef happens to be her brother Jared. We were supposed to be a group of 6, Jonnah brought along their friend, Ryne, who also happens to be our schoolmate in college too, so the ending was it’s just the five of us who had dinner.

We arrived earlier than our friends; upon entering the vicinity of Capitol Commons, we immediately spotted Tipsy Pig Gastropub since its location is very near the entrance of the complex and it sits  just on the corner of the street.

We parked behind the resto-bar and walked towards the back entrance. We were immediately greeted by one of the staff and asked if we have reservations. I told him I think that we do, but we’ll just wait for our friends to arrive. He ushered us to one of the tables outside and gave us the menu and water to drink. I was starting to get impressed with the service already, and this is before the staff even knew that we are guests of the chef. You probably know by now if you have been reading my previous blog posts that I am very particular when it comes to service.

The Restaurant:

Tipsy Pig is a newly opened gastropub and surely the next hot spot, which started operations in early November of this year at Capitol Commons, the new urban center in the Pasig City area near the Ortigas Business District. Tipsy Pig prides itself from its extensive gastro menu and even more extensive bar list (yes, the barlist menu occupies more pages than the food menu lol!) This place is the newest dining and watering hole that is drawing big crowds of mostly class A and B.

Well, the restaurant/pub’s interior design is very well thought out, it’s posh, sleek and modern. The lightning is just enough to give you the perfect ambiance for cozy dinner and drinks with friends. When we saw the establishment for the first time, as we pass by it driving towards the parking area, we almost synchronously uttered: “Ganda!!!” (Nice!!!) Inside looks spacious because of the high ceiling, even if 1/4 of the place is occupied by the bar and mezzanine.

I like the long table placed at the center of the main dining area. Because if you have a big group of friends you can reserve the whole table for yourselves or if there’s just a few of you, you can share the table with others and this gives you the chance of meeting new people or create new friends.

I also noticed that most tables are huge, probably because Tipsy Pig is a place that encourages friends (and/or families) to huddle together and exchange conversations and stories. If you’re on a date, fret not, you can still go have and reserve the table by the glass wall; the dividers between tables are tall enough to give you a little bit of privacy for you and your date or special someone.

Going up to the mezzanine and VIP lounge:

mezzanine and VIP lounge:

With one of Tipsy Pig Gastrobar's chefs, Chef Jared:

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Tipsy Pig Gastropub
Store Hours: Mon - Sun: 4:00 pm - 4:00 am
Location: Meralco Ave. corner Shaw Blvd. Pasig City, Philippines
Contact No: 570-4620
Social Media:

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
Tipsy Pig Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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