December 1, 2013

Boracay 2013 Travel Diary: Jonah's Fruit and Milk Shakes

I don't know for you guys, but no trip to Boracay would be complete without a visit to Jonah's Fruit Shake in Station 1 near the ever famous Willy's Rock.

On our first Boracay trip, we only went there once because it's too far from where we stayed. But the second time that we were in Boracay, we were there for 3 consecutive days, during the late afternoons, before or after we went swimming.

Jonah's Fruit Shake has great selection of shakes, and they are always prepared after you order, so you can guarantee its freshness. The shakes are also placed in bottle similar to a mineral water bottle, with a hole punch in its bottle cap, where you can insert the straw. This makes it very convenient to bring wherever you go on the island and makes it somehow spill-proof, unlike if it's in a plastic cup. The average price for the shakes is around PHP 100 (around US$ 2). It's a bit pricey, yes, but if you go around Boracay and you find a much cheaper shake, the quality and taste is nothing compared from that of Jonah's.

piyaya + mango/banana shake + banana/choco/peanut shake

I'm not very sure of this, but during our first time to try Jonah's Fruit Shake, I asked if what is their best seller and they said it's the Banana-Choco-Peanut, which we always order, every time we visit the place. It is really good! We've also tried other varieties and they are delicious as well. They also serve food dishes but we never had a chance to try them, maybe on our next trip, but based on what I read, even their food is great.

I also love sitting on the chairs at their veranda area, just a few steps from the beach; observe people as they go by, and eat grilled street food being sold just in front of Jonah's. Plus the it's just a couple of meters away from Willy's Rock, a popular spot in Station 1, where we would usually go to swim.

Jonah's Fruit and Milkshake is without a doubt the best in Boracay, make sure to include it in your to-do list if you're visiting Boracay.

Jonah's Fruit and Milkshake
Location: Station 1, Boracay Island, 5608 Malay, Aklan

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