December 7, 2013

One Memorable Night at Romulo Cafe'

When  I started this blog, my only goal was to share my life experiences to anyone who finds my blog interesting enough to stop by and read through it.  In my "About Me" page I wrote there that I "I blog about anything from fashion, beauty,travel, recreation, food and other random thoughts." I even apologized for times that most or some of my post is of poor composition. This is because I am not a very particular with my sentence construction nor I am not trained  to be a writer. 

When I write about something, most of the time I think of it like I'm just telling a story to a friend. Moreover, the ultimate goal is just to relay my thoughts, my ideas, my latest travels, my latest gastronomic adventure and all other daily endeavors, on the hope that I can relate to anyone through my life experiences, every now and then.

Also, I know there are people like me who rely on or get ideas from blog reviews before they do or try something out and/or before they go to a certain place for travel. I believe that blog reviews have been very helpful for us nowadays because most of it are honest, unbiased, and based on real life experiences.

I decided to be a "full-pledged blogger", on my spare time, just this year, even if I already started blogging while I was still in college (that blog site was taken down years ago) and started this blog last 2011. Still, my mind was set on just sharing my life experiences. Not until this year, that I started acquiring invitations from other websites to do collaborations and begun receiving freebies and invites. Which was to me, I consider as blessings that come along with my love for blogging/writing.

A few months ago, I received a Facebook message from the owner of Romulo Cafe, Ms. Sandie Romulo-Squillantini herself. I was ecstatic after reading it! The message really surprised me because it was about my blog post regarding our experience at their restaurant. Ms. Sandie, was able to read about it and is thankful of my feedback. And to show her appreciation, for our patronage and that I still manage to say good things about Romulo Cafe despite of our little unfortunate encounter, she invited me back at Romulo  for an "on us" dinner. 

photo c/o:
(photos c/o Romulo Cafe Jupiter Facebook page)

Well, Romulo Cafe, will always always have a special place in my heart. Not only that I love how elegant and tasteful its interiors are and how good the food is there.

Reading Ms. Sandie's message and invitation, made my heart skipped a beat! I was truly dumb-founded of the idea, that someone of her social stature would take the time in reading a blog post from some unknown blogger like me. She also told me that she always make it a point to read all the blogs about Romulo Cafe, because it is important for her to know what everybody thinks of their resto, as it is customers like us that make them successful.That statement of hers really made me come to have a great respect for her and her business.Since only a handful of business owners would usually take personal time to read reviews of their restaurants/businesses. But this? Coming from a  well-known and established business like Romulo Cafe? Well, this is a different story.We accepted Ms. Sandie Romulo-Squillantini's invitation, I was quite shy but I would not let an opportunity like that to just pass.

"I am a Filipino", one of the most famous literary works by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, written in August 1941

I am a Filipino by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo

Since it is almost my birthday, I emailed her that we would want to visit the restaurant on the day before my actual birthday, she agreed and even told me that she will try to meet us if her schedule permits it.

When we got there, we were greeted and assisted by two of the supervisors, Ms. Amy and Mr. Anthony. (The other supervisor, Mr. JR, was busy tending to the other guests, so we just told Ms. Amy to send our regards to him.)  I asked how come the table was too large for a guest of two, Ms. Amy replied that Ms. Sandie thought we were going to bring family or friends with us. I thought to myself, "OMG, bringing more people to this dinner was too much!" But that thought was exceeded as the night goes on.

Unfortunately,  we were not able to meet and personally thank Ms. Sandie Romulo-Squillantini, because she was also busy preparing for her birthday party which will be held the following day and had to pick her sister at the airport. But she phoned Ms. Amy several times just to ask how we were doing and to know how our dinner was going. It was really nice of her to make another effort just to check on us.

We were served a very wonderful and sumptuous dinner; a dinner that is more than enough for two people! From appetizers to desserts, everything, as always, was top-notch! The food at Romulo Cafe is really good. Every dish that was served to us was exemplary, which I know, is already a given fact;  after all, more than the great ambiance and atmosphere that the restaurant exudes, the food is what makes people come back to Romulo Café. Btw, the Vigan Longanisa and Cheese Dumplings were my favorite!

Tinapa Roll + Cheese & Vigan Longanisa Dumplings
Tito greg's Kare-Kare + Lola Virginia's Chicken Relleno (best seller)
Bagnet Pakbet + Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso

Cool as a Cucumber Mocktail (best seller)

What's more is that we were very well-taken care of, we felt like VIPs that night. A treatment which we don't usually get to experience, but every time we do, we really appreciate it with heart-felt gratitude in our hearts. We also enjoyed the conversations that we exchanged with Ms. Amy and Mr. Anthony. The stories that they shared about clients who referenced my blog post, when Ms. Sandie made them read my blog and my emails, how thankful and open they are with feed backs and how they learn and improve from observations/reviews made by guests, like the one I posted on my blog.

As if the dinner was not enough, Romulo Cafe staff, upon learning that it is birthday, gave me a golf umbrella, a birthday cake and they even sang to me! Even the guests from the other tables sang with them! And, the best part was that they gave me a red velvet cake, I don't know if they were psychics and how they happen to figure out that red velvet is my favorite flavor and I was craving for it for days before this dinner... I really don't know... lol! Maybe the odds were in my favor that night!

my birthday cake: Red Velvet, yum!

I don't normally get to celebrate my birthday in a very luxuriant fashion, but that dinner at Romulo Cafe made me experience that. I was very overwhelmed and it was beyond doubt, over the top! It is, honestly, one of the best birthday dinners I've had in my life! It was truly a memorable evening and I can’t thank them enough.

Happy Nth Birthday to me :)

Whenever I recollect the events of that night at Romulo Cafe, and thought of how will I write this blog post, I realized I don't want to make it seem like I'm taking back what I've said before or that this dinner was to atone for something. Upon receiving that invitation from Ms. Sandie, I took it something like a gesture of appreciation, a gift, a blessing from someone who's blessed enough to share God's favour to others.

After that evening, I went home bearing in our hearts much reverence to Romulo Cafe, Ms. Sandie Romulo-Squillantini and the staff. In an industry like theirs, it is just fitting to value the opinion of your clients, may it be positive or negative, because these comments are usually intended to help them do their job or service better. That attitude was evident with those who make up Romulo Cafe, that is why they are who they are today. (Romulo Cafe was awarded by Asia Tatler as 2011 Philippines' Best Restaurants and was nominated as one of 2012 Best Filipino Restaurants by the Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Awards).

Thank you very much Romulo Cafe Jupiter staff and Ms. Sandie Romulo-Squillantini for that memorable dinner at Romulo Cafe! We will definitely be back soon! :-)

Romulo Cafe'
Quezon City Branch: 
32 Scout Tuason Street (corner Scout Lazcano) Quezon City
T: 332-7273, 0915-662-3121
Makati City Branch:
148 Jupiter Street (corner Comet, a block from Reposo) Bel-Air Village, Makati City
T: 478-6406, 822-0286
Store Hours: 
Monday - Sunday:
Lunch - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Dinner - 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
Romulo Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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