June 15, 2014

Digital Blues and Periwinkles [Persunmall]

I’ve been visiting and purchasing apparel from several online stores that I truly adore and trust. And one of them is Persunmall.com. Persunmall will always be dear to me because it is the very first online store that I did a collaboration with by sponsoring a giveaway on my blog last year. This was the one of the catalysts that caused my blog stats to increase, that’s why I’ll always be thankful of them. Every time they ask me to promote something for them I never hesitated to do it for them. They are also very grateful and most often than not, they grant me store credits whenever I collaborate with them.

So when I collected enough store credits through Persunmall collaborations, reviews of products, coupon codes and giveaway winnings;  I checked my wishlist and see what items I can [finally] add to my Persunmall shopping cart. I also checked the new arrivals collection to see if there is something that I like and might get too or add to my ever-growing Persunmall wishlist.

These are what I decided to grab which my store credits can cover and I just paid the excess fee with my own money.

I didn’t mind paying extra since using the store credits somehow made me enjoy around 70% off of the total prize, which is a actually a big help for me. I’m kinda stingy when buying for myself; when I want to buy something it’s either I haggle the price with the saleslady or wait for it to go on sale.

Good thing that the total of my order exceeds $15  so I was able to enjoy free standard shipping.  I  was ok with the standard shipping which takes 2-3 weeks to arrive because I don’t want to pay too much for shipping costs. I’ll still have the items anyway, it’s also a good practice to be more patient… hehehe…

Colorful Digital Printing Chiffon Dress
I like the jewels prints on this dress and that it is in my favorite color (this also comes in white). When this dress came out, digital prints on apparel was still in trend.

What I’m not liking about this dress is that the textile used is kinda stiff. It also has a lining that you would usually see in formal male suits/coats. Which would be beneficial if I am living in a country that experiences very cold weather. So I had no choice but to remove it.

Quality: 5/5 – sewn with quality, no loose threads or ripped part, no stains or holes

Fit: 4/5 – The skirt part is too balloon/poofy because of the stiff cloth used, other than everything fits perfectly

Comes in these colors: white and navy

I wore this during the BDJ Tres Chic Social Event in Samsung Hall, SM Aura and got lots of complements few girls came up to me and praised my dress :-)

Sweet Three-quarter Sleeve Lace Dress
This dress screams “vintage” doesn’t it? The crochet cloth used for this dress is simply gorgeous. I’m loving the color of this dress too, but light colors like this really makes me look fatter than I really am. But it’s ok, I already know that I don’t have a stick-thin figure LOL!

I had to alter the sleeves of this dress because they were not straight, the dress' photo posted on Persunmall’s website doesn't have straight sleeves too; it is somehow bell-shaped or flared at the end, like the pants and sleeves that were popular during the 60’s and 70’s. I’m not a fan of the fashion of that era so I sew the sleeves to make it straight. But this really looks so feminine and has that hippie-vibe to it.

Quality: 5/5 – sewn with quality, no loose threads or ripped part, no stains and with built-in lining that matches the color of the outside fabric.

Fit: 4.5/5 – No complaints besides the flared end of the sleeves

Comes in these colors: white, pink, lilac and black.

Boat Neck Puff Sleeve Slim Dress
I bought this dress also because it looks so vintage. Furthermore, the color is not so common. You can’t put your finger whether it’s sky blue or lilac, but I think it’s more on the periwinkle shade.

I had to alter this dress too because it doesn’t fit me well on the bust and sleeves area, but the length is just right. It also had this lining like that of the digital-print blue dress, that’s really uncomfortable to wear in the humid weather that we have back here in the Philippines. So decided to remove it and just reinforce the stitches.

I appreciate how this dress was sewn, it resembles how high-end clothes are made and how the lining was sewn into the dress, you’ll never guess where it was closed, imagine the inside or the lining of men’s suits, that’s the closest description I can give you.

Quality: 5/5 – sewn with quality, no loose threads or ripped part, no stains, no holes

Fit: 3/5 – It didn’t fit me well on the upper body

Comes in these colors: white, pink and black.

Love to have one of these dresses too? Check them out here:
Colorful Digital Printing Chiffon Dress 

And before I forget, Persunmall customers can enjoy discounts if you register on their website. For first time buyers, make sure you connect your Facebook account to your Persunmall account and get 20% off on your order and after that (including existing customers) gets 10% off, well, for a lifetime! Yes, yes, that’s true, check it out yourself by visiting www.persunmall.com.

For more info about the discounts, especially the 10% off lifetime discount, check my blog post here:

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