June 6, 2014


This blog entry wraps up my Puerto Princesa Palawan blog post series… Finally! After two months, I am able to complete a review of all the places and restaurants I visited for 4 and a half days during our trip to the Philippines’ Last Frontier and the so-called city in a forest. Not only that it boasts in natural wonders (which are the reasons why tourists flock to Puerto Princesa), it is also a place where good food and restaurants are of great quantity. Those that I have blogged about are just a few; maybe next time, when I get another blessing to go back to Puerto Princesa, I can try those that we were not able visit.

Since Puerto Princesa is a province in the Philippines, you would expect restaurants there to serve mostly native and exotic Filipino dishes. But there are some new places that go out of the norm and offer something that isn’t like the others and yet, still has that Pinoy flare on it. One good example is White Fence Country Café.

White Fence Country Café. is the in-house restaurant of Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn, where we stayed on our last two nights in Puerto Princesa. (You can read my blog post/review of Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn here). This quaint café share the same interior design concept as the rest of the premises of Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn. Rustic and vintage meets ethnic, native and colonial Filipino. It just gives out a pleasant vibe when you see white picket fences, vintage home decors, stained glass, and colorful paintings by a local artist named Elay.

Customers of White Fence Country Café can choose to dine inside the air-conditioned elevated area or fan-cooled dining area. Inside the a/c dining area is the kitchen and there’s a vintage TV playing muted classical movies, probably to complete the atmosphere that this restaurant imbibes. While in the fan-cooled dining space, there’s classic jazz and blues music playing in the background to complete the overall experience.

Fan-cooled Dining Area:

Air-conditioned Dining Area:



With the White Fence Country Café's upscale look, many might think that it’s expensive to dine here (even to stay at Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn) but i was surprised that the prices of their menu items are reasonable for the quality and taste of the food that they serve. They offer both international and Filipino dishes and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Since accommodations at Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn comes with free daily breakfast and served by White Fence Country Café, we got to try their breakfast menu items. Every night the staff would go to each room and will ask the guests of what they want to eat for breakfast. We tried the Tocilog and Danggit-silog, both were good and served with instant coffee. I think you need to pay extra if you want to have freshly brewed coffee. Their coffee frappes are great too.



On our last night in Puerto Princesa, we decided to just stay at the inn and just order food from White Fence Country Café. We stayed at the porch right outside the reception and just ordered pizza and chocolate cake, since we were still full from our late lunch at Rene Saigon. The pizza was great and so was the chocolate cake.

If you’re staying at Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn, you can always order from White Fence Country Café, and you can ask them to bring the food in your room, on your room’s porch or you can eat inside any of the two gazebos on the hotel grounds. The staff will be happy to assist you with that, just like they did for us.

I don’t know, but I always had this inkling for places or things that are rustic and vintage, maybe that’s why I enjoyed the our stay at Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn and dining at White Fence Country Café. This place is just so homey and charming in its very unique way.

White Fence Country Café
296 Manalo Extension, Bgy. Bancao-Bancao,
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Phone: (048) 434 2430
Email: whitefencecafe@gmail.com
Open Daily from 6:00am to 10:00pm
Last call for orders 9:30pm
Breakfast available before 10:30am

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