June 4, 2014

Drool-Worthy Dresses from SheInside.com Pre-Sale

Sheinside never fails to make me drool with what products they're offering! I'm a frequent visitor of their website, not only that I am a part of their Publisher Program, but also because I love checking out their clothes and see what i can score or what i can add to my wishlist for later purchase.

These past few weeks they've been coming up with super pretty designs that really really tempts me to almost purchase everything! Before I show you girls what's the latest items on PRE-SALE, let me first explain to you how it works.

-SheInside has the SheInside Design Collection, where they make their own designs and have them produced exclusively for them. Then fans of SheInside will vote which items will be added to the Pre-Sale Collection.

- Items that are selected for SheInside Pre-Sale Collection will be sold at 30-50% off for a certain span of time (usually 7-9 days).

- Price will increase depending on how many orders are made, so always be on the look out in your email inbox for announcement of the latest from SheInside Pre-Sale. Here's an example:

- After the Pre-Sale has ended, the items will go to their original prices and in case you still want any of them, they will be available in SheInside Design Collection. Here's the link to that: SheInside Design

-Furthermore, you will also enjoy Free Standard Shipping and bonus points! (you can use these points to purchase regular priced or sale items, except Pre-Sale items,  got it?)

Just in case you need more info, you can read more detailed explanations in my other blog posts:

Ok, I don't want to keep you waiting, presenting the latest lovely and drool-worthy items from SheInside PreSale (click the links above the photos to see details):

1  /  2  /  3  /  4 




Want to see what I've bought from the SheInside Pre-Sale? Check out this blog post: www.helloviellobits.com/2014/05/love-sheinside-then-be-sheinside.html

Get the latest dibs on what's on SheInside Pre-Sale, Promotions, Clearance Sales, Coupon codes by clicking this link to register at SheInside: Register at SheInside

Hurry and don't let this opportunity to save and shop pass and before these pretty items get sold out! See the other items that are on Pre-Sale by clicking the photo banner or the link below it:

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