June 7, 2014

Turn Up The Heat of Summer 2014 With Choies

Summer is not yet over, well for most parts of the world it isn’t. But here in South East Asia, the rainy season is about to start. But that doesn’t keep us from hitting the beach if we want to. South East Asian countries, especially the Philippines boasts of many beautiful beaches and because of that we are can always have 365 days of Summer!

But for the rest of the world, June means Summer is drawing near but is still fleeting to the touch. But  don’t worry, it’s finally peeking its head around the corner. Admit it, I know you have been looking forward and dreaming of the warmth of the sun and the cool sea breeze hitting your entire body after enduring the grueling cold brought by Winter and Spring.

And of course you want to be in style when you hit the beach when Summer finally says hello. No stylish swimsuit at hand to stroll down the beach? Choies.com has got your back!

Choies.com is a global website destination for fashion-forward and IN girls to shop clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Their mission is to bring heart to commerce and become the better origin of fashion inspiration. Their goal is to inspire and be inspired by cool girls all over the world.

Find solace in Choies’ Swimsuit 2014 collection and hunt for that sexy, stylish, fun and perfect beach wear that’ll make heads turn as you strut along the shoreline.

I gathered my top picks from Choies’ swimsuit collection, added them to my wishlist too! Hope you’ll find them gorgeous like I did!

Love vintage stuff or anything looking like high-fashion? These swimsuits and maillots would be perfect for you!


Are you the sporty type? Check out these pieces that scream sexy yet sporty:

For the free-spirited gals out there, these pieces would definitely speak about your personality:


Love paintings, pop/graphic arts and comics or the artsy type? Then check these designs:

It's time to hit the beach in style and let Choies.com fulfill your swimsuit shopping desires. And, btw, you’re not gonna need to break your bank account too because most of them are at discounted prices, some prices are even slashed to half! Well , well, (ala Maleficent tone of voice hehe) what are you waiting for?

For more styles and to see the entire swimsuit collection go to these links:

p.s.  Get this stylish necklace for free for orders $99 and up!

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