June 25, 2014

[NEW IN] My Sheinside Pre-Sale Collective Haul #1

It is so obvious that I’m a huge huge fan of SheInside.com! I adore the styles of their pieces, most are very feminine and they offer items that you can really wear when you are out and about. I don’t know for you, but sometimes I see items from other online stores and think to myself, who would wear something like that in the real world. Some are just meant for styled photo shoots and afterwards will be just thrown at the far end of the closet and won’t even be used ever again.

Well, I maybe the practical one, but I really want value for my money and I will most often than not buy stuff that I will not use. With the case of SheInside (and the other online stores that I’m affiliated with), I have put to good use what I got from them. I wear the blouses and some of the dresses everyday to work, at church, when I go to the mall or when I meet with friends, and when I go on getaways or travels.

Ok before I share my latest SheInside haul, I want to let it be known that these are actually not super New In items, these dresses are my collective haul from the SheInside Pre-Sale items from April, May and June 2014. I got these pieces for half of their original prices, when they were launched as Pre-Sale Items, unfortunately most of them are already back to their regular prices. But you can always check on them, because most of the time there are greater chances, that most of used-to-be Pre-Sale pieces are also on sale. See how it pays to get items when they’re on Pre-Sale? Don’t you just love anything that says SALE? LOL!

So here we go, I haven’t got the chance to wear most of them though, so I just took photos of them to let you see what they look in real life hehe… (I said that, because on the webstores, they are worn by  models and were shoot with proper lighting and high-end DSLRs)

Here’s the Part 1 of my Collective Haul from Sheinside Pre-Sale

Mint Green Cut Out Shift Chiffon Mini Dress
If you can remember my blog post series about my recent major travel to Puerto Princesa Palawan that I wore a black version of this dress? It is only at SheInside that I saw this dress in this color: MINT, which totally love. Didn’t hesitate to get it ASAP, especially that it was on Pre-Sale! When it arrived, it didn’t disappoint, I literally jump because of too much excitement upon laying my eyes over it! Pardon my exaggeration, LOL! I’m just like any other girl who would gush about such pretty dress.

Black Long Sleeve Floral Split Full Length Dress
And again another chiffon item! Who doesn’t love to wear chiffon? It’s super comfortable and lightweight, perfect for tropical weather such as ours here in the Philippines. I decided to get this dress because of its versatility: 1. I can use it as a regular maxi dress (just wear a black camisole under it) and 2. as a swimsuit cover up just like what I did to a similar dress that I got from another online store (see it here: ). I’m loving the print on this dress too because of the vintage vibe that it gives off.

Mint Green Spaghetti Strap Backless Pleated Dress
Ah yes! another dress in Mint! I know… I know… but can you blame me? This color really has a magnetic pull on me! You may think I’m very ambitious to buy such a daring dress. Yes I love how alluring it looked on the model, but, when I first saw this dress it seemed like it was talking to me and telling: “take me to the beach”. So the sole purpose of why I got this dress is for when I go to the beach or go swimming: swimsuit cover up [I hear someone say] and that’s correct! It’s made of super soft chiffon and the lining is very sheer too so it’s super perfect to put over swimsuit.


Did you like them too? Go check out these dresses by clicking the images:

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  1. Loving the haul! Sheinside has some super cute clothes right??
    Keep in touch

    1. Yes June I agree! :) Thanks for the comment :) followed you already :)

  2. Hi, Jen:

    The first dress is so pretty. I love the interweaving straps at the bodice. Mint is such a beautiful color. You look fantastic.


    1. thank you for the comment Sharon :) following you now via google+ :)

  3. I want to get the Floral maxi for a wedding I'm going too (with a slip under it, of course), but I'm worried about the waist. Would you mind disclosing what size you ordered? And is the waist of the dress fitted, loose or elastic?

    1. Hi dear the waist isnt elastic..the dress is fitted. I ordered the size L since china/hongkong based online stores usually carry smaller sizes than the usual brand... hope that helps :) the details of the sizing can be found on the site's description page you may click the photo above to see the details l.. thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. Hi, I was wondering how fast was the shipping process? Did it have to go through customs or was it delivered to you door-to-door? thanks!

    1. it took 2-3 weeks including processing and shipping and since I only availed of the standard shipping I claimed them thru our local post office. if you want it to be delivered straight to your home you can ask SheInside's customer service for that option before you order. Thanks!

    2. hi, how much did you pay on the post office when you claimed it?

    3. just PHP 50 for each package, but they have increased it to PHP 100/package starting Sept 15, 2014


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