June 28, 2014

My Two Cents on: "This Is Why You Shouldn't Take People's Facebook Lives Seriously"

Of course you shouldn't believe anything you read on social media..What was said in the blog or what was shown on the video, well, are not all necessarily true. The problem arises when instead of being happy for the success or happiness [or people having the time of their lives], makes one jealous, says more about ourselves... Examine your heart,  why do we feel that way? Why can’t we be happy for the achievements and success of others?

If you see a friend travelling too much, or posting how great his/her relationship with his spouse or family, or how she/he lost a lot of weight, or what restaurants he/she have tried, or the other material stuff that he/she has recently acquired; instead of feeling jealous or envious or comparing your life with others, why not turn that  jealousy into something productive and positive. How? By working hard and putting your heart in everything you do and you'll be amazed of the after effects. 

And who knows you might one day find yourself posting  all the great things that's starting to unfold in your life because you can’t contain your happiness and you want to spread it to the world… After all, happiness is contagious. Plus isn’t it too early to experience Ego Integrity vs. Despair (one of  the stages of Erikson's psychosocial development: The final developmental task is retrospection: people look back on their lives and accomplishments. They develop feelings of contentment and integrity if they believe that they have led a happy, productive life. They may instead develop a sense of despair if they look back on a life of disappointments and unachieved goals)

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A little drama once in awhile and rants  here and there are acceptable. We need to accept that we're mere humans and are emotional beings. But imagine your feed bombarded with toxic and negative posts. Will it make you feel any good? Definitely not! The reality is, we will ALWAYS have problems and sometimes it seems that they are never ending. If it makes you feel a little better to vent it out on social media once in a while it's completely ok, people will understand and some couldn’t care less. But if it becomes a habit  don’t be surprised if you start to notice that you get less interactions with those who are connected with you on social media. Try to solve the problem first, because blurting it out on social media on a regular basis won’t help you in any way...

In the video, when the guy said that his life sucks someone hide him from showing up on the news feed. It only goes to show that people want to see things that make them feel good and not to be gravitated towards feelings of negativity and depression. How about using social media to inspire others? Inspire them to work harder, so they  can travel more too and get to try the food you took a photo of from a certain restaurant. Inspire them to get fit and eat well too. Inspire them to pursuit their passions too. Inspire them to have better relationships (with spouse, lover, families and friends) too.

I started this blog because I was inspired by other bloggers and I somehow like to believe that I have inspired others to become bloggers too. And I really admire the other bloggers that I follow and am truly interested and I take time reading their posts. Haters and bashers will always be there, but I will never waste my time doing what they do. Their jealousy and envy, are just like poison that they engulf hoping that others are the ones who will die. But really, who gets slowly killed there?

In a stressful world that we live in, people usually tend to veer away from the stress  by doing stuff to lessen the latter. I, for one,   find social media as an outlet to cut the monotony of my daily routine. I get to see posts from friends and online communities that tickles my fancy; I get to see what my friends are up to or doing; I get to see beautiful photos of places, clothes, beauty products, etc; I get to read funny and interesting stories, enlightening quotes and Bible verses that guides me.

When I get to win giveaways and contests online I share them to my social media not to brag about it, but to use them as a testimony of how blessed I am, even through those little things. Even if I have a full-time work, I still get to do things that I am passionate about, like blogging,  and I am able to share it with the world and somehow relate with, help and inspire others. I don’t and has never considered myself lucky, instead I consider myself blessed... TRULY BLESSED! And mind you, blessings are not all the same.. we are all blessed you know, these blessings are given to us or they're happening to us because it is what we desire or pray for; and they are what we need to have or experience in that very moment in time. Feeling jealous or envious makes us miss out of the blessings that we already have; sometimes we are unable to see that they’re already there because we are too focused on the blessings of others… Their blessings are FOR THEM, your blessings are FOR YOU.

To end, I’d like to remind myself and you, whoever is taking time to read this entry of this statement that I’ve heard our pastor say a couple of times:

Positive vibes and positive mindset  precedes a positive attitude...

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  2. Very true sayings , specially the insta world , people usually share the good stuff only that's why we are jealous most of the time , lol


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    1. lol i get jealous and envoius at times too Nany but i try my best to turn that jealousy into something positive by working hard and putting all my heart in everything I do :) which allows me to earn more and do the things that I want to do buy the things that Iike and eat anything that I want :)

  3. Great post, my love.


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    1. Thank you nicoleta :) btw, you are one of those who inspired me to blog! I love your blog and photos :) Happy weekend too! :)

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