November 1, 2017

How to Achieve Longer, Fuller and Luxurious Hair

Since 5th grade I kept my hair long and sometimes super long because a hairstyle that ends on or above the shoulders makes my round face very pronounced and I don't like it at all. Having long hair, parted down the middle or on one side frames my face and makes it appear elongated, thus giving the illusion of a thinner face. 

For me, my hair is one of my best assets. Some people compliment me because even if I don't have it rebonded or use a flat iron, it's straight most days. The only things lacking are some proper volume and thickness. So whenever I want to curl my hair like those of celebrities and Victoria Secret models, I can't seem to achieve that no matter how much volumizing and curling products I use. 

After watching a lot of Youtube beauty videos, I've come to realize that to be able to achieve those longer, fuller and luxurious hair styles ala celebrities and models, you somehow need additional help by the use of hair extensions. And man, just look it up on the web and you can find all sorts of them ranging from affordable to expensive ones. 

The most raved about types nowadays are Peruvian body wave  and Brazilian body wave  because they are made of real human hair and the strands are most thick and strong and can be easily styled according to one's liking.

Don't you just love that anything about beauty is always within teach and just a click of a button away? Online shopping has never been this better and like from my own experience, I also get to use coupons and avail of deals all-year-round and hey, you can even find virgin hair bundle deals. Thinking of getting me one of those for the upcoming parties I'll be attending in the following months. What do you guys think?

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