November 29, 2017

The Ups and Downs of the Holiday Season

It's 26 days until Christmas and I can't fathom how time can fly so fast. I swear it was just summer yesterday and now it's getting cold and everywhere you go you can see people putting up their Christmas decors. This season can be both festive and stressful, to be honest.

I personally love this season because of how cheerful it is. The spirit of live and giving is in everyone's heart and mind. I also get to attend parties and gatherings with friends and families left and right. This season is a season to do a lot of catching up and gift giving. 

And speaking of gift giving, I know it's not supposed bear with it any negative connotation; but this is where the stress comes in. Malls and bazaars are now super packed with people, the roads to the mall are chaotic as well. Don't forget the hard time to just find a parking slot. People tend to get problematic when thinking and looking for things to give. And all this can make people hot-headed. 

Those are just a few reasons why I, most often than not, opt for online shopping. So that I can avoid all the hassle of doing it personally. I'm just going to cross my fingers that the things that I bought online will be shipped to me without any delay. 

Another thing that this holiday season can bring is the amount of money that we're all gonna spend. I wish I can give everyone I know gifts on Christmas, but I'm on a very tight budget and I'll doing some travelling as well. But for those who want to stretch the amount inside their wallets, there are some places you can get help with that, just like You can make loans from this kind of business or if you have a credit line, go for stores that offers buy now pay 3 months later or zero interest installments. At least by doing so, you can enjoy the holidays for now with your friends and family and deal with it a few months later. 

But then again, keep in mind what this season is all about, beyond the holiday parties, shopping and gift giving. This is a season of love, joy and giving that comes from the heart. Hoping you all will have celebrations that will bring memories to last a lifetime.

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