July 26, 2018

Jipan Cafe & Bakeshop at U.P. Town Center

You can’t have too many Japanese food, said no one ever! It’s one cuisine I will never ever get tired of eating. I think I’ve eaten almost all the mainstream and semi-mainstream Japanese food that there is. I have a penchant for this cuisine as fond as everything about Japan and anything related to it. Maybe I was a Japanese woman or a geisha in my past life, just maybe.

Japanese food is well loved by almost everybody. A lot of my friends love it, some though doesn’t like the raw stuff.  We tend to associate Japanese food to the context of just ramen, sushi and tempura. But really, it has so much more to offer. I just recently got fond of eating takoyaki and okonomiyaki which I haven’t tried until like 1-2 years ago I think. 

It’s one of my lifelong dream to visit the Land of the Rising Sun and for sure I will eat my way through Osaka, Tokyo or Nagoya. Because from what I read and heard, in Japan everything is delicious. For sure you would hear me say, oishi to every food that I’ll stuff myself with.

In the past weeks, I have found myself eating one too many Japanese dishes and just a few days ago I was at Jipan Cafe & Bakeshop at U.P. Town Center where I get to enjoy some of my faves and new dishes that I haven’t tried from them with some fellow foodies. I used to frequent this restaurant with my siblings whenever we find ourselves in SM Megamall. Unfortunately, that branch has closed. But I’m not at all sad since U.P. Town Center is pretty near where I live so I can satisfy my cravings just when I want to. 

Jipan is a locally grown Japanese Cafe & Bakery established in 1992 (Whoa! It’s as old as my little brother!) It takes pride with the fact their offerings, especially the breads and pastries are handmade, no preservatives, no chemicals giving its customer real good food. 

Hot Tea - the moment we sat down, one of the staff eagerly offered us a warm tea, I just don't know what variety was this and if this was complimentary. But since it was raining that afternoon,  it was really nice to warm our tummies and prep for the food that was coming ahead. 

Dynamite Roll - Dynamite Roll - this is Jipan’s Tempura-Maki combo that is topped with a blend of crunchy tempura bits and kewpie sauce. This is my and my siblings’ favorite every time we dine at Jipan’s. It so huge with all the goodness of California in huge a roll. Such a great value!

Spicy Tuna Salad - a fresh and healthy mix of fresh lettuce, tuna sashimi, tempura bits, and spicy kewpie dressing, the spicy tuna salad is the perfect salad with a spicy twist you'll love. We actually didn’t mix the whole thing into a salad. We loved the tuna and the tempura bits so much that we ate only those. This was easily everyone’s favorite during our dinner. 

Seafood Okonomiyaki - a mix of Japanese pancake with squid, shredded cabbage, bacon, with Okonomiyaki sauce tossed in. I just recently fell in love with okonomiyaki as it is a savory and healthy pancake that can be eaten any time of the day plus you can add almost anything to it. I liked the distinct seafood flavors packed in this okonomiyaki 

Beef Yakisoba Okonomiyaki - Japanese pancake with Yakisoba noodles, beef, vegetables, and okonomiyaki sauce. Between the two okonomiyakis, this was highly favored by me and my fellow foodies. Probably because the ramen noodles included in this pancake gave it a lot of character and texture. 

Okonomiyaki Roll - a savory soft bread topped with sausage, cabbage, and flaky dried fish. If you love bread and also a fan okonomiyaki, you better try this one. It was such a savory treat! 

Pork Floss Roll - Pork Floss Roll - I didn’t like floss before but I took a slow liking to eat the more I ate it. I just loved how this pork floss was presented because it looked like a sushi roll with that Nori wrapping. With just one bite, you can taste the savory pork floss and the super soft buns.

Takoyaki Bun - get on the takoyaki craze with this takoyaki bun. This were fluffy steamed buns filled with seafood and oh-so good!

Kouign Amann - a pastry originating from Brittany, France which combines the buttery layers of a croissant and adds caramelized sugar to make the ultimate buttery, sweet pastry. This bread is one you shouldn’t miss; it’s light, flaky, melts-in-your-mouth.

Hokkaido Almond Cream Bun - a light, sweet treat that's as heavenly as it looks one will definitely fall in love with this bun on the first bite. I loved the texture of the outside crust of this bun has a good texture as it is lightly toasted and with almond nut flakes. The filling was a heavenly cream that was light and had the right sweetness. 

Seafood Bun - besides all the savory dishes that we got to try that night, we also sampled Jipan’s bestselling breads and pastries. This seafood bun is tasty and savory. The bread was super soft and airy as well. So I suggest that you treat yourselves with this on-the-go to warm you up for the day ahead. 

Banana Foster Perdu - made with Jipan’s signature thick toast cubed, soaked in custard and served golden brown with a delicious caramel banana sauce and vanilla ice cream on the side. This was surely a treat! The cube toast were super soft and almost melts-in-your-mouth. The banana sauce was sweet but was really super good! The Vanilla ice cream glued everything together. Every one of us loved it so much! This is a must try! 

Jipan is not just a restaurant serving warm an savory modern Japanese dishes and not  just a bakery offering freshly baked goodies. Anytime of the day, you can drop by here for heavy meals or if you just want to enjoy a bread with coffee or tea. I must also mention that Jipan is the only restaurant that I visited that offers a storage bin for your bags and other stuff so that you can comfortably enjoy sitting and eating your orders. All in all we enjoyed our dinner at Jipan despite the gloomy weather and heavy traffic everywhere. 

G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, 
Diliman, Quezon City
Contact no: 02 2469069 ext: 374
Email: jipan@jessfinefoods.com
Website: http://jipan.com.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jipancafe
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jipan_ph

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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