July 11, 2018

Shoes That Make You Taller

During the onset of my puberty, and mind you I started way earlier than my classmates and friends, I was taller than most of them even than the boys. But when I got to my first year I high school, almost everyone outranked my height. My growth spurt has halted. I’ve taken growth vitamins when I was younger but I have always found a way to dodge when my parents or grandmother make me take afternoon naps. I do not know if that was the reason I did not grow taller or I just acquired the petite DNA of the women of both sides of my family.

For years I have struggled with my height and have always wanted to be taller even for at least a couple more inches. It is one of my securities and to be honest it is still until to this day. Because of that, I’ve always worn high-heels or wedge shoes. Even in college I wore black closed shoes with 1 ½ - 2 inches of heels. I was not comfortable at all, but I really wanted to look taller than I really am so I endured the pain.

I am one of those women who don’t wear high heels for comfort or practicality. Women wear them because they value the associations which the shoes have more than the drawbacks, which is that they become very uncomfortable after a while and are difficult to walk in. You would never see me wearing flats besides during P.E. class, at home or if I’m at the beach. Even up until I started working I still don shoes that make you taller.

I came to a point in my life where comfort was more important to me than aesthetics or than my insecurities. Yet I never stopped wearing height increasing shoes, I still wear them once in a while and I have slowly accepted and embraced my height. But if you are someone who has not made peace for the lack of height, well, do not let your height hold you back from feeling confident every day. Did you know that elevator shoes can be your best ally?

Elevator shoes are a great option for people who don't want to wear heels or wedge inserts, or can't wear them. They can keep you in step for your favorite off-duty activities. What’s more is that there are stylish height increasing shoes now easily available for women around the world lacking in the vertical department. The most popular ones are the hidden heel wedge shoes for women; there are even up to trend sneakers available. I didn’t like wearing sneakers that much because most of them are so flat but now, I may have more reason to use them.

I know heels are sign of femininity and in these times females want to be dominant. Most women are usually shorter than men that they have a relationship with but a good point is that we can still find dominance in other things. At the end of the day, confidence is internal but a little boost in height won’t hurt.

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