July 21, 2018

UNIQLO AIRism x Sample Room

One of the clothing brands that I love to get my clothes from is UNIQLO. It’s my go-to brand for jeans because I find theirs, especially those ones made with stretch fabric, always comfortable to wear. Now that I’m older, I chase comfort and ease of movement rather than being ultra-stylish.  I hate the feeling of being trapped in my clothes. There are times when I make exceptions and embrace the suck of being #TiisGanda, but for everyday wear to work or on casual weekends, I would prefer comfort over style. 

Speaking of comfort, Have you heard of the UNIQLO line called AIRism? It’s of the brand’s highly functional underwear which UNIQLO extended from its home market of Japan to across the other worldwide markets where it currently operates. AIRism is dubbed as Comfort Conditioning Technology. AIRism is created in accordance with UNIQLO's drive to continually offer innovative clothing to transform the lives of customers around the world. With AIRism, UNIQLO will deliver "comfort unlimited, in any season for any person, anywhere."

Changing seasons and environments can be tough on our skin. Uniqlo’s AIRism line offers us a soft, comfortable, lightweight way to layer. This smart and breathable base layer releases heat and moisture and adapts to any condition under outfits to maintain our daily comfort through Japan Technology.

So, you ask, why AIRISM? Here are the reasons why: 
Making your life comfortable - AIRism is an innovative innerwear that provides you the best comfort through its smooth texture and comfort technology. 

Made with Japan Technology - AIRism is packed with Japan technology that makes AIRism able to keep you comfortable through all seasons. AIRism was launched in 2012 and continues to improve by using its technology to their full potential. Our focus is to offer our customers the best innerwear in the market. 

More than just wearing Innerwear - AIRISM will change your life with its 3 main functions: Keeps You Dry: Releases moisture so the fabric and your body remain moisture-free. With high breathability, it is easy to release heat outside. Continuous Feel of Smoothness: Made with breathable, smooth fabric that keeps you comfortable all day. Cool to The Touch: Delivers pleasantly cool comfort the moment you put it on.

I was lucky enough to get to try the innovation of AIRism through Sample Room which is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is also an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued. I tried out two items from the UNIQLO AIRism for Women which utilizes Cupro fiber, regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton. Due to Cupro's natural properties. AlRism is able to absorb and release moisture under clothing. Here they are:

Uniqlo Women’s AIRism Seamless Short Sleeve T-Shirt - It is a comfy inner wear that provides a gentle feel and stays invisible under an outer layer for that neat, stylish look even with light warm-weather outfits.

AIRism fabric claims to provide light, refreshing comfort even in the warmest weather. Just like the seamless t-shirt, this camisole has microfibers that create a feel so smooth which makes you forget it's there. It also has that quick-drying DRY technology plus self-deodorizing and anti-microbial/anti-odor properties.

Most of the time I wear chiffon blouses to work and I wear a camisole underneath, but most of them are these cotton-Lycra fabric which can most of the time make me feel I’m wearing more than what I’m really wearing. I tried this underneath one of my chiffon tops and it felt like I’m just only wearing the blouse. I also like that it has a deeper neckline that stays hidden under an outer layer. Surprisingly too, its fitted feel helps prevent the hem from riding up (which I hate with my other spaghetti strap tops). It almost conforms to the body. Also it was not as see-through like the seamless t-shirt.

So I can throw this on and just layer it with a chiffon blouse, a chiffon kimono jacket or also under a leather bomber jacket. Its smooth surface also doesn’t create lines that show through an outer layer. I am most likely to buy the other colors so I can pair them with my other chiffon blouses.

Uniqlo Women’s AIRism Camisole - Dry, fresh feel in sweaty situations. Our sleek cami lays low under light clothes.

This shirt is made of special breathable knit construction for a stay-fresh feel. The cloth used for this is like mesh but are ultra-soft. It is almost see through but super light and soft to the skin that it’s almost as if you’re not wearing anything at all. Since it is seamless, the neckline, hem and sleeve holes don’t have any stitching but there are side stitchings that are designed to stay invisible and provide a gentle feel. I got mine in XL so that it won’t cling or stick to my body that much as I intended to wear this as is and not as innerware. The fabric always stretches to fit, which is pretty nice.

A few days ago, I wore it under a bomber jacket. It was raining hard but the humidity is worse but then I didn’t felt like I was wearing too much layers since it wasn’t bulky. It somehow kept me comfortable and cool still. Unlike most clothing items I wear under a jacket does not relieve me from the discomfort caused by perspiration and the moisture trapped inside clothes, but this one somehow regulated the moisture inside clothes, keeping me  comfortable even on that humid afternoon.

The only downside to this seamless short sleeve t-shirt is that it might be too thin for other ladies to wear on its own, as you can see in my photos, where I wore a printed bra underneath for the purpose of demonstration, the prints can be seen through the shirt. So you better wear it with a similar colored brassiere. I would likely also use this as a swimsuit cover up or when I’m at the beach since, it won’t show that much skin but still not so thick.

I just like these AIRism inner top wears as they are made of ultra-fine fibers that breathe and wick away trapped moisture and also so soft on the skin and gives me more layering options. These AIRism technology is also available for other clothing items at UNIQLO like sleeveless tops and even underwear. Also do check out Sample Room as they might restock them or make available other innovative apparel from Uniqlo.



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