July 3, 2018

Gamiss.com Haul #6 + Review

I don't know if I'm procrastinating, have a some sort of writer's block or just plain too busy that I was not able to finish this review right before my trip to Taiwan. Every time I open the draft, nothing just comes to mind or I get distracted all over. So today I'm here in front of my computer and will do my best to finish this post. 

Like what I said in my previous Gamiss Review, I decided to separate this haul into two: clothes and then accessories. But the accessories featured here are all earrings as I am big on earrings and rings and most of them are fancy ones. I'm not someone who is a fan of jewels or the real stuff because I usually lose stuff and buying expensive jewelry and losing them will be a complete disaster. 

So here they are: 

Pair of Alloy Hollow Out Water Drop Earrings
Earring Type: Drop Earrings / Material: Metal Alloy

I like these earrings because of how elegant it looks plus the color combo is just so pretty don’t you think? I mean you can basically pair this with just about anything or use it to spruce up any plain outfit. The faux stones are simply gorgeous and looks like at thousand bucks right? The size is also just perfect, not so big and not too little. I also like that these are stud earrings; although they came with silicone earring stoppers instead of metal ones. No biggie since I can always replace them. Some people are allergic to metal earring backs especially if they are fancy jewelries and not the real/precious metals like silver or gold. The earrings came in a bubble wrap packet and was wrapped in a mini zip lock bag. No stones were missing and they were in pristine condition. It is super nice and can pass as a luxurious pair of earrings. I can't wait to use them. I was not able to take photos while I was trying them on but I will definitely update this post ASAP when I get the chance to take pictures while wearing them so you'll have an idea how they look like when worn and how big they are.

One Piece Rhinestone Floral Leaf Ear Cuff
Earring Type: Ear Cuff / Gender: For Women / Style: Trendy / Pattern: Floral

It's my first time to buy or use an ear cuff and I was ecstatic about it. I am a self-confessed Beauty and the Beast die-hard fan, and seeing an ear cuff on Emma Watson instead of some fancy bejeweled earrings, was super cool to me. In the movie, by magic, a strand of gold creeps up on Belle's (Emma Watson) ear, forming a delicate ear cuff. It's so fresh and unexpected that almost everyone found themselves instantly smitten. I was not able to find the exact same ear cuffs online (until today when I googled it, and I'm definitely buying that) so this is the closest thing that will remind me of that ear cuff and Beauty and the Beast because of its gold color and the roses. The earcuffs are way prettier in person than on the photos, believe me! The only downside to it is that you can only wear it on one ear. Also the clasps on the top side are too tight for me and made my ear hurt a bit so I removed it a couple of times when I was wearing it. But all in all, I'm pretty much in love with it. 

Vintage Rhinestone Embellished Long Tassel Earrings
Color: Sky Blue / Earring Type: Drop Earrings / Material: Rhinestone, Metal Alloy / Style: Trendy /

I'm a huge fan of tassel earrings and I'm glad that I have another addition to my growing tassel earrings collection! The earrings are super pretty on the photos and in person! I love the aqua blue color, blue is my favorite color btw. It reminds me of the ocean and the sky. I like that the tassel part was in a tube to protect the strands from spreading or separating. The only problem is that once I remove them, I will not be able to put it back again. I love that these earrings transcends all seasons and I can wear them just whenever I want to.

Rhinestone Geometric Tassel Statement Earrings
Color:  Blue / Earring Type: Drop Earrings / Pattern: Tassel

Another pair of tassel earrings in a similar color as the other one above? I say why not? Like what I said, I'm obsessed with tassel earrings. Just like the former one, the color combination of this pair transcends all seasons and can be worn with just about any outfit; you know, from casual to formal, these earrings will help you carry an outfit to another level. 

If you are interested, you can find more information on these items by clicking the links below. Get them asap before they run out of stock!

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