July 12, 2018

Top 8 Popular Wedding Dresses

June, as most girls and women know, is wedding month, it’s all over now. But it’s nothing to sad about. One doesn’t have to be a June Bride just so you can feel all the glory of being a bride. You can have the best wedding and be the best bride on the vey date that you choose with your soon-to-be hubby. After all, it’s being together for the rest of your life that matters right?

Yet we all can agree we're still dreaming about the newest wedding dresses that our favorite designers debuted a couple of months ago. There was no shortage for inspirations from each collection that each designers sent off the runway. There were standout designs, patterns and silhouettes but I have some favorites of mine that I’ve pin on one of my Pinterest boards. 

Deep V-Necks
This might be inappropriate for any church wedding but ultra-sexy for any other wedding venue especially when you get to the reception. Bridal necklines went well past low-cut this season, dipping straight down. You can ask your couturier to create something you can put over it, like a lacy top or capelet, so you can still wear it in a conservative setting.

We credit Kate Middleton with bringing back wedding dresses with sleeves. Admit it or not, not every bride can get a spring or summer wedding date, so when the weather gets chilly, sleeves are your way to go.

The Classic Lace
Since lace is a timeless clothing material it always been used for casual, evening and wedding dresses. Most weddings nowadays tend to take the vintage theme, lace wedding dresses has become the trend in the bridal fashion world. Lace can be pretty expensive, especially the ones done by scratch or by hand. Good thing that modern technology has enable manufacturers to produce them in faster ways and in vast amounts, making it available to more people at a more affordable cost. It has now easily available to the masses unlike before that only the upper class can buy them.

Off-the-shoulder dresses has been having a lasting impression on bridal designers and brides since last year. Shoulder-baring wedding dresses always turns up in every wedding season, it’s not surprising at all, and it’s a beautiful design/silhouette.

Apparently, 2018 is a year for femininity and nothing says femininity more than bows. Who doesn't love a good bow every now and then? You'll find these bows on belts, sleeves, and even trains of dresses.  

Vintage stuff will always be in, old is new again. It’s sexy, it’s classic and no one can argue about that. 

Can’t decide if you want a mermaid silhouette or a princess-like ball gown? Or you can't really decide on a short or long dress. Well, good news for you, you don’t have to choose one. Overskirts were huge this season, giving brides-to-be the option of a two-in-one wedding dress. 

High-Low Hemlines
These uneven or asymmetrical hemlines are coming back in season and are invading the bridal fashion runways and racks, 

Not everyone of us can afford Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang right? Good thing is that we can take these inspirations and latest bridal dresses trends and have made by our dream wedding couturier or you can scour the internet to get them. Featured wedding dresses on this article can be found at Angrila Weddings

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