September 29, 2018

Get Ready for Fall Fashion Season

Can you believe?! Next week is already October?! The sweater weather has begun, in the other parts of the world, trees are turning into their Fall colors and the winds are already forming a knot for the chill in the air. It's just so unfathomable how time flies so fast. It's like New Year’s yesterday and then one blink, boom! It hits you like a truck half of the year has almost gone by.

Countdown to Christmas is what less than a hundred days?I’m excited for this season! I love when the calendar pages turns to this time of the year. Although I have a love-hate relationship with this cold weather season.

It kind of annoys me when it rains and it is cold. Just like the past two weeks, it has been raining intermittently every day. I don’t like it because when it is raining it's hard to get out of bed, go out and traffic is the worst. Although the cold weather triggers my allergies and asthma, I kind of like it because I hate the humidity for so many reasons. When it is chilly I don’t sweat profusely and I can sleep soundly.

 Turtle Neck Plain Basic Sweaters High-Collared Turtleneck Long-Sleeved Sweater
 One Shoulder Plain Sexy Sweaters V Neck Backless Plain Sweaters

Cooling temps mean it’s time to heat up our wardrobe with some layers. How do you dress up during this season? As for me, only one thing comes to mind: Sweaters! But if the word sweater just evokes ho-hum words like sensible and functional, take a look at my sweater picks this Black Friday Womens Fashion Sweaters  before you dismiss the idea. From simple and sleek knits and casual zip-ups, to standout patterns and light-as-silk fabric, you’re sure to find a knit that suits your style.

 Round Neck Plain Bodycon Dresses Fold-Over Collar Single Breasted Belt Plain Blend Bodycon Dress
 Open Shoulder Plain Bodycon Dresses Crew Neck Asymmetric Hem Cutout Patchwork Ruffle Trim Bust Darts Plain Bell Sleeve Bodycon Dresses

What other fashionalble items can we wear this season? Oh I know what, dresses! Pair them with boots, tights and some sleek coat or jacket and you are good to go. Warm and fuzzy yet still super stylish. Check out these Fashion Bodycon Dresses Cyber Monday  that I ‘ve rounded up from Fashionme to give you some inspo. 

Layer, layer, layer. What I love sweaters is that you can wear them as is if the weather is just giving you a little shiver. And then when the environment slowly becomes like it is winter wonderland, you can layer them underneath or over. Wear sweater under a leather jacket or over a collared shirt for added warmth and dimension. On usual days, pairing them with a button-down long-sleeves will still look sleek. Of course, we wouldn’t sacrifice being stylish right?

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