September 25, 2018

If Your Locks Could Talk

I recently got tired of my long hair that I have been keeping for more than a decade. And I just suddenly decided to cut it short. From waist length to shoulder length. Yes that short! I ditched around 12 inches of my hair. I kind of like my look now but I know pretty sure I’m going to miss my long hair one of these days. 

Why did I cut it short you might ask? Well, I’m going to tell you first that I didn’t do it because I went through a major breakup. Well, ok sort of. A breakup not from a romantic relationship but a break up from the dark rut that I was in for the past couple of months. Also, and basically, my hair is so dry that I know cutting a huge length from it would somehow bring at least some little life to it. 

There are few girls who would dare to deny this universal truth transcendent among women of all ages residing across the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe: There is no material possession in our lives rich with greater substance than our hair. When a woman takes a moment to reflect back on the colorful story of her life, each chapter will be defined by the diverse myriad of hairstyles she rocked within each specific decade, exploded moment and passionate love affair. I wish I could say this is true about myself but I’ve been sporting long hair since as far as I can remember.

But we all know that many people, a lot of them women, use haircuts as a marker of change. They have their own reasons for it. Some are happy about the change in look, some regret it the minute they realize what they did was so out of the blue. If you happen to be one of those who think “what was I thinking”, well the good news is that there’s a remedy for that snap decision that you made. Hear about hair extensions? 

Hair extensions is your best friend if you find yourself in so much horror after cutting your hair. It can immediately bring back your princess like locks. Don’t want to look like you’re wearing fake stuff?  Well you can find those ones made of virgin hair and they usually come in natural colors as well that can match your own hair.

Feeling a little more adventurous instead? Well check out those hair extension bundles with closure  from Rebeccafashion and look for the ombre styles and/or the ones with pretty waves. If you get tired of them and want to stand up for your new short hair, it’s so easy to take them out.

Whatever the reason behind someone’s choice of hairstyle is solely up to them. If it empowers you and brings you a certain kind of energy, I’d say go for it. Even if you don’t believe in that “energy”, per se, your hair represent you and no one can say what you can and can’t do with it.

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