February 8, 2019

How to Brew Coffee Like a Pro

A good cup of coffee can make even the earliest of mornings and longest of days a little more bearable. However, if you’re tired of wasting money on expensive house blends from your local coffee bar, it’s time to learn a few tricks that will bring tasty, strong and affordable coffee right to your home. Here are the secrets to brewing coffee like a pro. 

Keep your equipment clean 
Besides having good brewing equipment like a dripper, grinder and kettle, you also need to keep it clean. This is a step that many people skip, which results in less than perfect taste. Clean the filter of your machine and your bean containers regularly. This easy step will prevent flavor overlapping and remove oily buildup. It’s a great way to get the pure and clear coffee taste you seek and keep your equipment in top shape for many years.  
Buy fresh beans  
Coffee, like everything else, is better when fresh, so check your local sellers or even try roasting your own beans. This way, you’ll ensure that desirable coffee freshness and rich flavor every time your brew. Additionally, pay attention to how and where you store your fresh beans. An airtight container like a glass jar with a rubber seal is a great option you can find in every home equipment retail store like Bed Bath & Beyond. Fresh beans should be kept at room temperature, so store your coffee in your kitchen cabinets or counters, not in the fridge.
Don’t hesitate to splurge on good beans 
Being snobbish is usually not a good trait, but you’re allowed to be picky when it comes to choosing your coffee. Good beans will be worth every extra cent, especially once you learn how to get the best out of them. Out of two major bean types—Robusta and Arabica, Arabica is usually considered to be better quality and taste, so keep that in mind when shopping. It also has different flavors and strengths, so if you’re looking for something with an extra kick, choose the strongest coffee blend on the market. It will provide you with amazing flavor and have your back when you feel sluggish. 
Water also matters  
Everything that goes into your coffee matters, even the water you use for brewing. Regular tap water often contains chlorine or lacks in quality, which can ruin your coffee taste. But, distilled water is not a good choice either, because it’s deprived of all the rich minerals. Your safest bet is to use bottled water or treat yourself to a water filter you can install on your tap. Additionally, the water temperature also affects the taste. Higher temperatures (around 95°C) will get you more flavor out of your beans and provide you with better tasting coffee. 
Make extra effort 
Once you have your perfect cup of coffee, put in some extra effort to make it even more special. For instance, you can invest in good cups and saucers or opt for a good coffee container if you prefer to sip your java on the go. Pair your drink with a tasty Lotus Biscoff for the ultimate coffee experience and a sweet snack. These little details make a huge difference and will definitely make you feel pampered—you deserve it! 
It really doesn’t take too much work to brew a perfect cup of coffee, especially when you have great tips to follow. Sometimes, all you need to cheer you up or make early mornings easier is a tasty cup of Joe made with love and care.  

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