February 3, 2019

Most Common Hair Problems for Women

Happiness comes from inside. If you are a healthy and a positive person from your heart and mind, your gorgeousness will radiate from within and bring out the glow of your inner beauty on your face. All of this is very much true. But we cannot deny the fact that for women, her outer beauty effects how she really feels inside. Women are much more conscious about their appearance as compared to men. It is not just about the make-up, branded dress, perfumes, and heels; her real beauty lies in how she maintains her skin, her hair, her nails, her health, and her hygiene.

Hair is the most essential part of women’s lives. When a woman enters a room, it is one of the first things to be noticed. Whether they are curls, straight or wavy, they need to be healthy, shiny and lustrous. Hair defines the kind of mood she is in. There is so much a woman can do with her hair. With one look at her hair, you can make out the kind of day she has planned for herself: a messy bun for her workout, a cute ponytail for a coffee date, a formal bun for a meeting, and a flaunting wave for the weekend.

As much as we like to experiment with our hair, there are certain hair problems which can occur due to different reasons. Excess exposure to the sun, overuse of hair tools like curling or straightening rods and hair sprays, too much of shampoo and conditioning, or maybe use of very less shampoo and almost no conditioning are some of the examples which can be the reason for your damaged hair.
The list of some common problems related to hair that most women face is given below:

1. Hair fall: Hair fall is a very common problem that is faced by both men and women. In men, they are usually visible in the form of a bald patch at the top of their head or at the back. Whereas in women, it usually leads to short length or hair thinning. There can be many reasons which can lead to hair fall. It can also be the result or side effect of taking a particular medication. Pregnancy or menopause is also the primary reasons why women face this problem of hair fall. Other reasons can be stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency or some other infections. Excessive use of chemicals on hair can also lead to a lot of hair loss or hair thinning. Using Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Extensions can be a solution that you can try to explore for your thinning hair problems.

2. Gray hair: Graying of hair is a normal problem and does not disturb the health of your hair. But this is true only if the gray hair occurs after a certain age. If they occur at a very young age, then you should worry a little. Extreme stress or states of depression, hormonal problems, lack of melanin are some of the problems which result in premature graying hair. You should keep your thyroid levels in check if you want to prevent this condition. Taking proper supplements also helps you to keep your hair healthy and full of shine.

3. Dry or Greasy hair: Oily scalp is the result of excessive secretion of sebum, natural oil which is secreted by sebaceous glands to keep our scalp lubricated. Discharge of sebum is necessary, but the problem arises when they ooze out at an excessive rate. This problem can be cured by regular hair wash with special oil controlling features. Dry hair, on the other hand, occurs when sebaceous glands do not secrete enough sebum. Dry hair can also be the result when you over-shampoo your hair, which can make your scalp dry by removing all the essential natural oils from it.

4. Split ends: Split ends are an indication that your hair is getting damaged and need to be treated as soon as possible. Split ends refer to the split of damaged and brittle hair at the end of your hair length. This condition can occur if you do not moisturize your hair enough, use excessive chemicals and hair treatments, or color your hair more than required. You should condition your hair regularly in order to avoid split ends. You can also try home remedies which can help moisturize your hair and keep them healthy and strong.

5. Dandruff: People usually confuse dandruff with flaky skin. Flaky skin is the flakes of the dead skin which prevents the growth of your hair. Dandruff, on the other hand, refers to the small, scaly particles that stick to the roots of the hair. Dandruff can be the result of a fungal infection, poor diet, stomach infection, tension, or even due to a poor metabolism.

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