February 26, 2019

How to Plan a Trip to the Great Lakes

For years, the Great Lakes have attracted over 3 million out-of-state visitors each year. With a variety of lakes to choose from, all holding their own unique charm and treasures to be found, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular road trip destinations in the United States. If you’re planning a trip to the Great Lakes, however, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind and plan your route carefully.

Begin Your Journey in Chicago
If you’re coming from out of state, or even from out of the country, Chicago offers you the perfect starting point as flights are often cheaper when arriving from faraway places. Because it’s situated right on Lake Michigan, you’ll be able to start your tour of the Great Lakes here before heading north to Wisconsin. Spend a night or two in Chicago and enjoy views of the lake from one of the city’s vantage points at the Lakefront Trail, Chicago Riverwalk or even the NoMi Kitchen. Delve into the spectacular nightlife and treat yourself to something as elegant as a night of Chicago bottle service in one of the city's themed clubs.

Prepare for Scenic Drives
After hitting up Chi-town, you can choose to stop in a city such as Madison, Wisconsin or head straight for Duluth where you’ll be able to visit Lake Superior. If you’re choosing to see more of the United States for your Great Lakes trip, however, it’s recommended to go from Chicago to Cleveland where you’ll find the the famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and superior views of Lake Erie. From there, you can make a point to visit the Motor City on your way just slightly further north to see Lake Huron. Regardless of where you stop, prepare your camera for some stunning views of the iconic cities and the landscapes you’ll be driving through.

Combining Lakes and Waterfalls
Enjoy even more scenic views as you make your way to upstate New York, stopping along the way to take photos of the landscapes and enjoy the rich American history. In Rochester, you’ll be able to visit Lake Ontario. Because you’ll only be less than 90 miles from Niagara Falls, it’s a great idea to end your Great Lakes trip with a visit to another stunning aquatic wonder and head to Niagara Falls. If the Great Lakes and a trip to one of the world’s largest waterfalls aren’t enough for you, you can continue your travels up through Canada.

Enjoy the Ride
While you can certainly enjoy the Great Lakes by flying into each location, it’s definitely best to plan a road trip to witness the greatness of each lake. Not only will this provide you with more travel flexibility, but it will also allow you to enjoy the scenic route and the downtime in between to enjoy the ride with your friends or family.

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