November 1, 2019

A Guide To Settling In Hong Kong

You’re finally finished with immigration, got your accommodation (probably smaller than you hoped for) and unpacked. But, now it’s time to get to know Hong Kong and explore all of its gems. If you do plenty of these following tips, you’ll soon start considering HK your new home!

Buy a SIM card
Staying connected in one of the most important things in today’s world and the cheapest way to do so is to grab a local SIM card. For that, you’ll need an unlocked phone that’s not limited to only your original provider. Ask your home network and they will be able to give you info on the state of your device. In case it’s locked, a quick visit to a mobile phone shop will solve your problem.

Grab an Octopus card
If you want to get to know the city, you’ll have to do a lot of walking. This is truly the best and easiest way to really uncover all the best part of your new home. However, some destinations are really far away from one another, so you’ll need to use public transportation. In that case, it’s really handy to have a practical Octopus card. This debit-style card can be used for public transport, parking and vending machines and can be topped up at all MTR stations, 7-Elevens and even Starbucks. If you’re scared of running out of credit in the worst possible moment, you can even apply for the auto top-up option.

Research schools
If you have kids, they will love the Hong Kong school system. There’s really a plethora of option and curriculums for kids aged 3 to 18nto choose from no matter if it comes to primary, secondary schools or kindergartens. Even younger kids can benefit from early education. You can easily find a great education centre in Hong Kong and you can give your little ones a chance to learn Mandarin, improve their social skills, practice art, music and S.T.E.M. and just have plain fun with their peers.

Join a club
If you get the chance, make sure to join a club in Hong Kong. It’s a great way to meet people, grow your network and get out after a long day at work. Clubs also give you a chance to try your hand at sports and get some high-quality yet cheap food and drinks. Kids can also enjoy children’s activities.

Hire a helper
This is a common practice for both locals and expats. A domestic helper can help you with all sorts of chores, activities and kid-related tasks, so it’s very popular for working couples with kids. While some don’t like this practice due to its colonial undertones, there’s really no social stigma against doing so.

Stay healthy
Hong Kong has one of the most efficient, hospitable and modern healthcare systems in the entire world. No matter if you visit a private or public hospital, you can expect highest-quality care, modern equipment and experienced staff. All in all, finding a doctor perfect for your needs won’t be a problem in Honk Kong at all. However, with high levels of service and huge population come high costs and waiting lines, so one of the first things you need to do while settling down is purchasing quality health insurance. In case of emergency, your insurance will cover all expenses and ensure you’re well taken care of.

All in all, Hong Kong is a wonderful city with a plethora of opportunities for kids, teens, adults and seniors. It’s a place of possibilities where driven, smart and creative people can create a truly pleasant life for themselves and their families. And in your free time, you can enjoy the beauties of the city, explore your new environment and enjoy the time spent with your family and newly-acquired friends. There are really no cons to Hong Kong!

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