November 4, 2019

Gastroville by All Day Supermarket

I’ve never been in a supermarket where grocery shopping is something so enjoyable until visiting All Day Supermarket. This establishment is from the same brand that gave us All Home and The Coffee Project (IMO, the prettiest coffee shop in MNL). In Libis Quezon City, the huge lot which Shopwise used to occupy, now stands All Day, All Home and Coffee Project a one stop for all things you need for your home, kitchen and your caffeine fix!

I found myself here one Saturday to meet up with my friends. I’ve been at Coffee Project several times and have window shopped inside All Home but this was the first time that I went on the second floor where you can find AllDay Supermarket.

AllDay Supermarket is not just your ordinary supermarket. With bright and thoughtfully-designed interiors, spacious aisles, and well-ventilated stores, AllDay Supermarket is redefining the grocery shopping experience for Filipinos. I would like to declare that AllDay is the only Instagram-able supermarket I’ve ever seen in my entire existence. I just love how they took time to put all those pretty decorations, wall murals and vintage sets which makes shopping inside AllDay a whole new experience!

The produce, meat, and poultry sections are always stocked with certified fresh products. Aside from the always-fresh goods, AllDay also has a wide collection of gourmet deli and cheeses and a whole section dedicated to imported goods from all over the globe. AllDay Supermarket also has more food options through Gastroville where delicacies from all over the country and the world can be sampled and its Paluto section where you can choose fresh ingredients and have them cooked the way you want in true dampa-style!

Gastroville, AllDay’s mini-food park found inside, as in, in the middle of the supermarket unlike others who place food stalls outside the main grocery, offers affordable kinds of food and drinks from different cuisines. We got to try some of the stalls which includes:

Chicken Wings with Dip from Wings Delight

Ramyeon Seafood from Ramyeon Factory

Akita-yaki from Takoichi

Chicken Souvlaki from Gyros Avenue

Shabu Shabu Set B from Happy Bowl

Okinawa Bubble Tea, Dark Chocolate Milk, Bubble Milk Tea and Taro Bubble Tea 
from Bubble Wraps

Another dining option inside AllDay Supermarket is their Paluto section which is just beside the area where the fresh seafood, meat and poultry can be found. You can literally just pick out your meat, whatever it is and bring it to the Paluto section and choose how you want them cooked. Of course, there’s a fee for that but very minimal and I think even cheaper than the ones in Dampa.

During our visit though, we tried their Weekend Specials instead which at that time includes Lechon Paksiw, Bulalo, Lechon Kare-Kare and Lechon with that crispy roasted skin! Everything tasted great and it’s like you’re dining in a good Filipino restaurant or eating some hearty home-cooked meals. Next time I find myself there, I am definitely gonna try some seafood dishes and get some stuff for grilling.

Lechon Paksiw


Lechon Kare-Kare 


Best strategy here is have something cooked at Paluto and do your grocery shopping while your food is being cooked, when you’re done getting all you need for your house kitchen, you can go straight to your freshly cooked hot dishes and enjoy your meal, or after all the  browsing through the shopping alleys you've done inside All Day Supermarket, grab some grabs from the various food stalls from Gastroville because I’m pretty sure you’ll be all tired after hours of going around this  huge AllDay Supermarket.

All DaySupermarket,
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue,
Libis, Quezon City
Contact Nos:

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