November 30, 2019

Health Conditions That Chiropractors Can Treat Effectively

If you have ever faced a problem with your spine, you will probably know who a chiropractor is. For those who are not aware of what these professionals exactly do, there are many amazing facts that you need to know about them. Chiropractors are the practitioners who are capable of diagnosing and treating the spinal disorders which cause musculoskeletal or nerve pain. The treatment they provide is based on spinal manipulation which aims to align the musculoskeletal structure for pain relief without medication and surgery.

In some cases, this therapy is even used in conjugation with conventional medical treatment for spinal problems. Being an alternative therapy, chiropractic treatment is safe, effective and affordable as compared to conventional means. Obviously, you would want to consider this option before trying a more aggressive alternative. If you are not really sure about what a chiropractor can do for you, here is a list of health conditions they can treat effectively.

Back sprains and strains 
Back sprains and strains are some of the common problems that people of all ages come across. Strains happen due to overstretching or tearing of ligaments while strains are attributed to damaged muscles or/and tendons. Both sprains and strains can be caused by sports-related injuries, lifting heavy weights and wrong posture. The pain can be sharp and stabbing or dull and tingling but can trouble you a lot. While you may take pain killers for short term relief, a chiropractor can help you to address the issue more effectively.

Herniated disc
Another common problem that a chiropractor can help you with is herniated disc. Also known as a slipped disc, this condition is characterized by the outer ring (annulus) or the interior matter (nucleus pulposus) pressing on a nearby nerve root. It can cause severe pain and even restrict mobility in the long run. If you take the conventional approach, you will probably be recommended surgery for treating the condition. Conversely, chiropractic treatment can be used to reduce the pain and inflammation by shifting the herniated disc away from the nerve. A chiropractor can stimulate the disc and manipulate it back into a more natural position.

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) 
This spinal problem is usually associated with aging rather than an injury and wrong posture.  As you become older, the intervertebral discs degenerate or break down because of prolonged exposure to strain, overuse or misuse. Further, the discs may lose their flexibility, elasticity, and ability to absorb shock. They also tend to become thinner due to dehydration. Being an alternative and non-invasive therapy, chiropractic treatment serves as a good option for aging people with the symptoms of DDD.

Sciatica is a painful condition that may occur due to the sciatic nerve or its branch being compressed or becoming irritated. The most common symptom of sciatica is mild to severe pain which travels below the knee of one leg. In severe cases, the pain may be sharp and shooting or even similar to an electric shock. While you may look for pain relief through medication, a chiropractor can be in a better position to give effective and lasting relief from the pain and other symptoms of sciatica.

As the name suggests, neuropathy is a condition associated with nerve damage. You may be at high risk of neuropathy if you are a diabetic. Infection, injuries, chronic diseases, metabolic disorders, and nutritional imbalances may be some other causes of neuropathy. The symptoms to watch out include numbness and tingling sensation in the limbs, cramping and throbbing and severe pain. According to experts at Align Integrated Medical, a chiropractor may be just the right person to help address these symptoms naturally. The best part of opting for this therapy is that it can provide relief for even the most hopeless cases.

Migraine and tension headaches 
Headache is perhaps the most common health problem for men and women of all ages and from different walks of life. A majority of headaches are attributed to muscle tension in the neck area. Other reasons include wrong posture, excessive use of phone and computer, heredity and stress. Relying on medicines is the worst way to resolve headaches because they may provide temporary relief but do more harm than good. Spinal manipulation as a part of chiropractic treatment has shown proven efficacy for treating migraine and tension headaches.

Essentially a chronic disorder, fibromyalgia involves widespread sensitivity and pain through the entire musculoskeletal system. The patient may also experience long term fatigue, improper sleep, and low mood. In adverse cases, the disorder can even hamper the quality of life. Hence, you need to explore effective measures to deal with the condition effectively and prevent it from making your life miserable. Chiropractic care can be used for treating pain in the areas like the back, neck, and shoulder. Further, it can address headaches and neurological stress as well.

Stress and anxiety 
Beyond just providing effective relief from pain and physical conditions, a chiropractor can treat stress and anxiety as well. These conditions are easy to ignore because you may not witness adverse symptoms during the initial stages. But the problems may aggravate over a period of time and the results can be daunting. In fact, you may experience an impact on the body and mind. Chiropractic treatment can release muscle tension, which is the most common cause and effect of chronic stress. This helps your body return to a balanced and relaxed state.

Chiropractic therapy can have magical effects on the problems of the body and mind. Beyond just bringing lasting and effective pain relief, it can restore the overall wellness and improve the quality of life. However, you must rely only on a professional with the right skills and experience to diagnose, monitor and manage your health issues through this therapy.

The right professional can restore your life back to normal and help you decrease the dependence on pain killers. Moreover, they can save you from invasive treatments like surgery. So this is one option that you should definitely consider if suffering from any of the aforementioned health issues.

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