November 15, 2019

Tito's Fil-Mex Resto - Ayala Malls Feliz

The Philippines and Mexico has a long-standing relationship since the era of colonization of the super powers of the Western world. Thanks to the Galleon trade culture, tradition and cuisine linked the Philippines and Mexico in so many ways. So, don’t be surprised to learn that Filipinos have so much in common with Mexicans in almost all aspect of our and their lives. Aside from being conquered by the Spaniards, Filipinos are more than alike with Latin Americans through being religious because of being a predominantly Catholic. We are also known for our highest regards when it comes to valuing the concept of family and our love for gatherings/parties. Moreover, Filipinos very much esteem culture and tradition.

These similarities in traits may be attributed due to the trade that transpired between the said countries. Because during that time when travelling to their distant Asian conquered lands, Spaniards traveled by way of Mexico, taking the annual galleon that linked Spain with China. This brought about the successful introduction of food, agriculture products and other things brought about by the commerce.

Besides religion and traditions, one of the common grounds of the Philippines with Mexico is the cuisine. There so many dishes from both countries that are so similar, i.e. adobo, lechon and leche flan! Thus, Mexican cuisine greatly appeals and is one of the most familiar cuisines to Filipinos even though we have the Pacific Ocean separating this two distinct and at the same time similar countries.

If you’re from the East area of Metro Manila, do you know that one place that you can get a taste of the marriage of Filipino and Mexican cuisine is at Tito’s Fil Mex Restaurant in Ayala Malls Feliz. The dishes that they offer isn’t hardcore Mexican flavors but with a lot of Filipino flair. Mexican food is one of the fares that I enjoy eating and mixing it with a cuisine close to my heart is just something else. In that regard I believe you would love them too!

You can find Tito’s Fil Mex restaurant at the sky garden of Ayala Malls Feliz which is at the 5th floor near the chapel and just in front of time zone. They have both indoor and al fresco dining areas. Inside the store is a colorful yet relaxing ambiance with a space nicely lit with mood lighting and enclosed with colorful wall murals. Even the chairs are of mixed colors representing the colorful history and cuisine of both the Philippines and Mexico. The restaurant has a vibrant vibe making dining there a truly enjoyable experience.

I visited Tito’s Fil Mex earlier this week and this was my first time there even though I occasionally go to this mall, I rarely do go up to the fifth level may be that’s why. Anyway, here are the items that we got to try:

Nacho Trios – corn tortilla chips, potato chips and flour tortilla chips topped with skillet cooked nacho beef, jalapenos, guacamole, tomato salsa and queso con carne.

Tres Quesodillas – soft folded tortilla filled nacho cheese, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese with salsa. This is one of the Mexican food that I really like even if it’s just inside them tortillas, I’m already a happy camper. I love that Tito’s uses 3 types of cheese with the quesadillas so there’s more depth in the flavors which is absent in most quesadillas that uses just one type.

Spiced Rubbed Chicken – half roasted chicken with Mexican spices, herbs and butter. I cut a piece of this chicken’s breast and was happy to find that it wasn’t dry and had flavor. The skin was good and flavors were balanced and didn’t have that too strong taste of spices.

Tito’s Paella – paella rice cooked in seafood bisque with chorizo, chicken, mussels, calamari, prawn, hard boiled eggs, bell peppers and onions. Their paella is not the authentic Spanish paella but the rice tasted more like menudo which is perhaps their Filipino take on this Spanish staple.

Taco Surprise - three pieces of crispy corn tacos with beef tapa, longganisa, steak, lettuce, sour cream, tomato salsa and with loads of broiled cheese. Because these tacos contains 3 types of meat you can tell that there are myriad of flavors in every bite. I also love the generous broiled cheese on top of it instead of the usual grated cheese.

Taco Corner – three pieces of soft corn tacos with beef, guacamole, steak, tomato salsa and creamy garlic sauce. Like their hard shell tacos, these are equally good. If you squeeze some lime on it or not, they taste great. My only “beef” with these soft tacos (I mean even else where that offers them”, why are they small and just always 3 pieces? LOL!

El Tijuana – barbecue pork ribs with Tito’s special sauce. Just like the Tito’s paella,  the Filipino cuisine is evident in this one because I think their sauce tasted like the sauce of an estofado or a salty type adobo and not the usual sweet-spicy hickory sauce you would often see with other pork ribs.

El Patron – 250 grams of rib eye steak with tomato garlic rice and sautéed vegetables. I forget to ask if this steak is simmered in Patron Tequila but it really tasted good and the beef was super tender. I also liked that it was cooked medium, just how I like my steaks.

Calibre Wings – chicken wings with garlic parmesan with shoe string potato fries. These chicken wings were easily everyone’s favorite, all of us said these wings are in their top 5 favorite dishes. It was really good and had a creamy and salty sauced smothered all over each wing. I’m pretty sure both adults and kids will enjoy them.

Mamang’s Taco Pizza – corn tortilla pizza crust topped with nacho beef, three cheeses, lettuce and creamy garlic sauce. Another dish that we all voted was good and it is also one of the best sellers at Tito’s. If you’re not fond of bread-y pizza crust, you will surely enjoy this. The toppings are generous. They are like your open faced tacos only crispy.

Fusilli Alfredo Pasta – tricolor fusilli pasta tossed in rich alfredo sauce with grilled chicken breasts. This pasta dish is so creamy, simple yet full of flavor. The generous grilled chicken breast strips on top of it are tender and juicy. Another dish that would be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Baked Oysters – baked oysters topped with nacho beef and three cheese. I love anything shellfish, especially when they are topped with loads of cheese and then baked. Some of my friends didn’t appreciate the nacho beef on top of each oyster as it overpowers the oyster they said. As for me, I am happy with them, with nacho beef or not, I’ll devour those oysters anytime.

Taco Salad – bowl shaped crispy taco filled with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, corn, black olive, black beans, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, croutons, honey soy adobo dressing and grated Parmesan cheese. Didn’t get to try this one out since I was already full to the brim but it seriously looks so appetizing.

Sisig Burritos – soft flour tortilla filled with pork sisig, rice, lettuce, creamy garlic sauce and tomato salsa. Another of Tito’s Filipino take on a quintessential Mexican food. It tasted good and the serving large thus very filling.

Bibingka Dos Leches – rice cake with dos leches sauce filled with saled egg and topped with vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try this one but my friends gave two thumbs up verdict for this lovely dessert. I love how it was presented, it’s like a dessert out of a posh hotel restaurant.

Milkshakes – aside from sodas, juices and beers, Tito’s also serve milkshakes: Salted Caramel Brownie, Oreo Milkshake and Chocnut Milkshake. I’m pretty sure the kids will love these drinks and the adults too!

I love each dish that we tried, and I kid you not when I say there’s  dish for everyone there. For families with kids to the group of friends who just want to meet up and unwind. Plus points for me is how each dish is presented, all are well-plated and looked very enticing and appetizing. Price points are reasonable for the quality, taste and amount of serving. Tito’s Fil-Mex also have their own wi-fi so you can actually hold a lunch meeting there. Speaking of that, they accept special occasions and other events there, just inquire with their staff or contact them via their social media sites. Moreover you can order any of their dishes via Grab Food.

Fifth Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz,
Dela Paz, Pasig City
Contact Nos: 02 77441400

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