November 8, 2019

Banapple's New Christmas Sweet Offerings and the #BanappleBucketList

I remember back in college, even though our school was located in BGC, my friends and I love to go somewhere else to hang out and eat. Because during that time, BGC was not as vibrant as a city with hundreds of dining options. I recall, Banapple was one of the places that we love to visit in Katipunan where we would go and fill ourselves with their delicious meals and after which we would kill time or “study” (questionable statement haha!) across in Kopi Roti (which is not there anymore, too bad).

I remember how small flagship store of Banapple was and me and my friends could fill all those tables up every time we go there. Now it has grown from a neighborhood brand to a well-known homey restaurant that has expanded with around 20 branches across Metro Manila.

Banapple started baking pies & cheesecakes years ago, initially for friends and family, and referred food establishments. Shortly, Banapple expanded its client base to include well known food establishments and restaurants, all being served from a home-based kitchen located in Quezon City. The brand ‘Banapple’ (banana + apple) was established, a contraction on the main ingredients of the banoffee pie and the apple caramel crumble pie, two of Banapple’s early hits. Banapple shortly thereafter transferred its main kitchen to a bigger and more accessible location along Katipunan avenue in Quezon City.

Banapple operates a cake showroom slash cafe at the facade of this kitchen. Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes is a novel find in the metropolis. In addition to pies, cakes and cheesecakes, Banapple serves yummy home-cooked style hot meals like the well-loved chicken Parmigiano, lasagna roll-ups and hickory-smoked country ribs as well as sandwiches, pastas, and great pancakes. Banapple has become a pleasant landmark, and commuters stop for a quick take out to and from work and school. Bakers and waitstaff are friendly and offer fast and personalized service. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, anyone can enjoy yummy meals and excellent desserts alongside good coffee any time of the day.

Just this week, me and a couple of foodie friends were invited to their commissary/second branch in Katipunan for the launch of their Christmas season offerings and the #BanappleBucketlist challenge. But before I relate what the challenge is all about, let’s get on first with the most important things, their NEW sweet treats and savory dishes! We were lucky enough to get first dibs on the following:

Cherry Chocolate Truffle Junior Cheesecake – Banapple’s new and Christmas special cake made of dense chocolate cheesecake on a chocolate cookie crust with stewed cherries. I’m not sure if we can always associate cherries with Christmas, probably because it has the festive color of this season. What I’m sure about is that cake is delish! Just like most of Banapple’s cakes. I love that it’s not too sweet and not too tangy like other cheesecake. Just the perfect balance of flavors. This is available only as a junior whole cake and cannot be ordered as a slice in their stores and it’s perfect potluck cake or gift during your holiday gatherings.

Bejeweled Fruit Loaf – another new sweet and Christmas special treat from Banapple and this is their signature Banapple loaf with dried pineapple, cherries and oranges! This reminds me of the traditional holiday fruit cake minus the strong liquor flavor that most fruit cake have. Which if I’m being honest, I didn’t enjoy as a kid up until now whenever it is part of the Noche Buena or Media Noche feast. This new one from Banapple, I truly enjoyed and will be perfect with a thick and creamy cup of chocolate drink. Another perfect potluck cake or gift during your holiday gatherings.

Fat & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie – we also got to try their humongous cookie as part of the #BanappleBucketlist challenge. I like that it isn’t that tough and a bit chewy just like my favorite Banapple Oatmeal cookie.

Very Berry Custard Cake – one of the regular cakes on Banapple’s menu which consists of alternating layers of sponge cake, custard and berry preserves, covered with marshmallow icing. I love this one a lot, like a lot. I think this is Banapple’s version of the strawberry shortcake. I would usually go for the Banoffee cake whenever I visit Banapple but looks like I might alternate my order between that and this.

Creepy Crawly Critter Junior Cake – a Halloween special cake made of deep dark fudge cake, filled and topped with creamy peanut butter cream cheese frosting spooked with Oreos and adorable bugs. Although Halloween was over during our visit, Banapple made us try it as well. I like that this has peanut butter and mixed with chocolate. Kinda reminded me of my fave Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Besides all the sweet treats that Banapple made us sample, they also introduced to us their Food Trays. Although these are not new on their menu, it’s just fitting that they reminded us that they have them, especially that the holiday season is coming up fast and we all are going to be busy with tad too many parties and gatherings that may require us to contribute potluck dishes, these are hassle free, just have reserve for them and pick them up before you head to your party. We tried the Breaded Fillet of Fish Fillet with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce Party Tray and the Pasta Jacintha Party Tray.

Breaded Fillet of Fish Fillet with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce Party Tray

I’ve been eating for years at Banapple but this was the first time that I was able to try these dishes. The Breaded Fillet of Fish Fillet was good, I just don’t enjoy eating Cream Dory fish as much as I used to. The Pasta Jacintha is their version of creamy carbonara. It’s fettuccine pasta with creamy white sauce topped with bacon bits and basil flakes. This was really good and filling, easily was everyone’s favorite.

Pasta Jacintha Party Tray

Now that we’re done with the food (whew!), Let’s get on with the Bannaple Bucket List Challenge. When you visit and dine in any Banapple store, you will be given a stamp card and a list of things to complete. With the stamp card or aka 12 Days of Banapple Christmas you get to have free upgrades and desserts when you accumulate stamps on your 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th visit with a minimum purchase of Php 450 per each visit. 3rd stamp: Upgrade Iced tea to Iced Latte, 6th stamp: Cookie of choice, 9th stamp: Slice of Banoffee Pie and on your last and 12th stamp you’ll also receive an exclusive Limited Edition Banapple Umbrella.

The #BanappleBucketList Challenge also has 12 things that you need to complete, post on your social media and tag Banapple and once you’ve completed you will have the chance to bring home their new cake: Cherry Chocolate Truffle Jr Cheesecake. I’ve done 7 of the challenges already and I’ll post them on my Instagram stories.  Crossing my fingers that I get to complete all and bring home that yummy cake.

For more info about these new Christmas promotionals from Banapple, please do visit their social media sites that I’ve listed below. I’m so excited for this season, as it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

206 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. Blue Ridge, Quezon City,
Contact Nos: (02) 3438-2675

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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