February 7, 2020

Camp Curry: New Branch and New Items on the Menu

Most people go on camping trips because they're tired of the city or looking for some adventure. Whether you enjoy biking, hunting or any other outdoor activity, I’ve heard that camping offers you a lot of benefits like focus completely on a hobby or do things that you like without external distractions or solely to meditate.

But if I’m going to be a hundred percent honest, the urban girl in me quite dislike camping especially that I don’t have some essential things readily available for me. I’ve slept inside a tent only two times my entire life and both were by the shore near the beach. And the second one was even glamping. I enjoyed both, but if I have a choice between that and a comfier option I would likely to choose the latter.

Camp Curry came from the passion of the founder Takashi Sato with camping, as well as the desire to introduce Japanese curry to the different markets around the world. In Japan, curry is perceived as one of the more sought-after dishes for the locals, which makes Camp Curry a great addition to Manila’s growing food scene. 

Camp Curry opened in 2007 as the No. 1 shop that sells vegetable curry behind an alley of Tokyo in Yoyogi, Japan. It was known for its vegetable curry which served seasonal vegetables abundantly. Sato san wanted to give off the lively vibe he has always advocated which equated to having a campy-vibe for the brand.

Last weekend, I visited their new branch in Ayala Malls Manila Bay and just like all other 32 branches of Camp Curry from around Asia, this restaurant mixes a great camping ambiance with great tasting food. Every little detail is carefully thought of to fit the camping theme - from the utensils all the way to the decor, you can feel the camping vibe. With the open kitchen setting, Camp Curry is the only curry house that gives diners a look at exactly how their food is prepared.

Aside from its seasoned vegetables and vegetable curry, Camp Curry serves other sources of protein from pork, beef, chicken and shrimps with your choice of curry on the side. And they also launched some great additions to their menu that I got to try with my other foodie friends. 

With the opening of their new branch is also  the launch of their new menu items, some are familiar Japanese dishes and American food and  group meals, which include the following:

Onigiri – 2 pieces of Japanese stuffed rice sandwich and comes in 3 variants: pork curry, pork teriyaki and spam

Sliders – 3 pieces of mini burgers and comes in 2 variants pulled pork teriyaki and pulled pork curry.

Wafu Salad – a mix of fresh greens and vegetables, dressed with special sesame soy sauce served with deep fried crab sticks for extra garnish

Beef Yakiniku – one of the six new rice meals from Camp Curry. Grilled beef strips on top of steamed Japanese rice and topped with egg

Butabara Don – another variant of the six new rice meals from Camp Curry. Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with pork simmered in a mildly sweet sauce.

Tori Teriyaki Don - one of the six new rice meals from Camp Curry. Grilled chicken cutlets with teriyaki sauce on steamed Japanese rice

BBQ Salmon and Chunky Vegetables – freshly grilled salmon steak, wok stir-fried seasonal vegetables and steam rice plus your choice of curry sauce

Camp Wings Platter – this is good for 3-4 people and comes with chicken wings, wafu salad, steamed rice, lemonade and vanilla ice cream. This can also be ordered ala carte.

Camp Chicken Platter – one of the new group meals from Camp Curry which is good for 4-5 people. This includes grilled whole chicken, mixed veggies sides, steamed rice, pumpkin curry soup, lemonade and vanilla ice cream.

Curry Ebi Fry – deep fried panko covered prawns served with rice and your choice of curry sauce

Curry Katsu Fry – deep fried panko covered pork served with rice and your choice of curry sauce

I totally loved the interiors of Camp Curry with all the camping related decors and I find the utensils and thermos I find super cool! Camp Curry even has a small private function room at their new branch. When it comes to the food, I liked that everything is prepped and cooked on site.

You can even see how your meats are being grilled or how your veggies are being stir-fried. The new dishes are equally good, I really liked the Salmon BBQ and the onigiri. But my favorites are from their classic dishes like Cheesy Gyoza, BBQ Pork Belly & Chunky Vegetables and BBQ Beef & Chunky Vegetables.

Second Floor, Al Fresco Area,
Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Aseana Avenue,
Entertainment City, Parañaque City
Email: campinfo.ph@gmail.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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