February 24, 2020

How Co-working Spaces Help Working Moms

Meta-Description: Coworking spaces have set the bar in providing a conducive, comfortable and convenient working space for freelancers, start-ups, and working moms. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual for moms to go to work to fulfill their own dreams and to help with the family’s finances. With more flexible working schedules and work at home options, it’s no longer a hassle for moms to work and take care of their children.

Additionally, the increasing popularity and availability of co-working spaces make it more convenient for freelancers and working moms to get their job done. Such spaces are ideal for anyone looking for more adaptable working schedules.

Here’s how and why co-working spaces benefit working moms.

Conducive Working Areas
Coworking areas are known for their comfy seats, wide tables, multiple outlets for recharging devices, fast Internet connection, and a pantry that offers unlimited coffee, snacks, and other drinks. These make coworking spaces conducive and ideal for moms because they get to be productive in finishing their tasks. Moms can work while their kids can draw, do their homework, or watch their favorite videos and play games.

And if mom needs a break, coffee and snacks are available at the coworking’s pantry. Kids can also choose from a wide array of non-caffeine drinks and tasty snacks to keep them happy and entertained. For moms who can’t bring their children to a coworking space, there is also the option to finish work at a coworking area near them while their children are in school. At the end of their workday, they can drop by their child’s school and go home together. This breaks the monotonous atmosphere of being in the office, and it doesn’t compromise mom’s role.

Safety and Security
When a mom looks for an apartment for rent, she considers safety and security. These same aspects also draw her towards coworking spaces, which offer comfort, convenience, safety, and security. While hot desks and shared tables are commonly used in these spaces, there are also available suites or cabins for teams or groups who want more private meeting spaces.

These alcove-like spaces are ideal for moms who want to keep a closer watch on their kids without having to worry about their children running around and going out of the coworking area.  The idea of coworking spaces is to foster safety and security for its busy and productive workers and their things, including working moms who need a safe working environment to bring their kids in.

Additional Childcare Features
Office suites and boardroom-like hubs are ideal for keeping your kids close to you without the hassle of abandoning your tasks. Sometimes, however, it can’t be helped that moms need to fully focus on their work.

For a mom who is just starting out in the remote work atmosphere, this can be a challenge. To address this, some coworking spaces have put up childcare facilities that include an inhouse babysitter and play areas. These facilities can accommodate kids aged one to six years old, offering activities such as music, art, playtime, and even nap times.

Think of it as something similar to a daycare center or to a preschool classroom. Not only do moms get to focus on their work, but they also get the confidence that their kids are in good hands and will enjoy playing and meeting other kids.

While coworking spaces with childcare facilities are mainly popular in the United States, coworking spaces in the Philippines are also catching up with this trend to accommodate working parents. It won’t be long before you see them in Mandaluyong, Makati or other business hubs.

With all these features of a coworking space, there’s no stopping you from being the best mother in the world while also advancing your career up the corporate ladder! 

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