March 4, 2021

Burial or Cremation: Which is the better option in 2021?

When a loved one dies, you have a lot of decisions to be made as soon as possible. Unless they have a will written out or a funeral plan already in place, you are going to need to make some key decisions that will affect the entire funeral process.

One of the most difficult decisions for the families of those who have died in Florida to between a burial in a cemetery or a cremation. There are advantages to both and tons of funeral homes and cremation services in Florida to choose from. Below, we thought we’d give you some advice on which to choose.

Start with their wishes
If your loved one has previously stated that they would like to be buried in a certain place, you should try and meet their wishes. This might not be entirely possible if there is no space in that particular cemetery. Alternatively, you could find that the place that they want to have their ashes scattered isn’t possible due to laws in Florida. Consider their wishes and then consider alternatives if required.

A burial in a local cemetery is the more traditional route for those who have died. When you bury a loved one, you can visit the grave and have a headstone on there that includes details of their life. Many people prefer to opt for burials because they can watch the body be lowered into the ground and perform a religious ceremony.

However, burials are becoming less common due to a lack of space in cemeteries in Florida and around the world. While it can be possible to reserve a grave early on, it might get more difficult to achieve this over the coming years.

Many people do not agree with cremations because there is no physical body to visit on a regular basis. However, cremations in Florida can actually be a great option for those who have lost a loved one. With the ashes, you can scatter them in a place that your loved one enjoyed visiting or even in a cemetery if required. Some people scatter ashes under trees that have been planted in their memory.
A cremation can also be a more affordable option as you don’t always need to pay for a fancy casket or a gravestone. Additionally, money can be saved by planning in advance. You can click here for more information on these kinds of payment plans.

Make Your Choice
Many people think that cremations are much more environmentally friendly, and this is a main concern for many people in 2021. However, the option that you choose is entirely up to you and your loved ones when the time comes. Make sure to consider all of the options that you have and choose something that works for you. It is likely that burials will become less common over the years as there are fewer graves to be dug.

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