March 26, 2021

5 Most Common Types of Wrinkles and How to Get Rid of Them

It’s normal as we get older for wrinkles to begin appearing all over our faces and bodies. As we age, our skin loses certain amounts of a protein produced by our called collagen. As collagen decreases, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, which results in wrinkles and fine lines.

Inevitably, you are going to get wrinkles eventually as you age. Many people choose to embrace them since they are signs of a life well-lived! But if you’re not happy with your wrinkles, there are ways you can reduce signs of skin aging, like fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles.

5 Different Types of Wrinkles
Several different types of wrinkles may show up on your face. Here are five of the most common signs of skin aging.

1] Forehead Lines. These wrinkles are also called “glabellar lines.” They are horizontal lines that appear, as the name implies, on your forehead. 

These wrinkles are caused by a combination of your skin losing collagen and the facial expressions you make throughout your life. For example, raising your eyebrows in surprise or excitement will exacerbate these lines.

2] Worry Lines. Similar to forehead lines, these wrinkles appear on your forehead. More specifically, they show up right between your eyebrows as vertical lines. Worry lines get the nickname “the elevens,” since they usually show up in parallel pairs.

Of course, the obvious reason they're called worry lines is that they are caused by your eyebrows knitting together repeatedly—an expression of worry. 

3] Laugh Lines. These wrinkles are also called nasolabial folds. They appear around your mouth and are called laugh lines because they are generally more noticeable when you are laughing or smiling.

Like many wrinkles, laugh lines are a mix of both your skin losing elasticity as well as the frequency of making certain facial expressions. 

4] Crow’s Feet. Crow’s feet appear around the outer corners of your eyes and fan outwards. These wrinkles tend to be more prominent because the skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than on the rest of your face. 


5] Bunny Lines. Many people consider these wrinkles just as cute as their name! They appear around the inner corners of your eyes and the sides of your nose. Many people embrace their bunny lines because of the unique character they can add to the face.

Bunny lines show up largely because of laughter. Just another reason why many people love their bunny lines—they’re signs that you’ve laughed frequently in your life!

What to Do

• Get into a Good Skincare Routine.
The best way to treat wrinkles is to stop them from happening in the first place. Getting into a good skincare routine is a great way to be proactive. Your routine should have a morning and nighttime component.

Make sure to wash your face every morning and apply moisturizer. Keeping your skin hydrated will help it maintain its natural protective barrier, which will help keep it strong and elastic. If you can find a moisturizer that contains N-acetyl glucosamine. This ingredient helps decrease any signs of aging that have already appeared and will prevent more from popping up.

But don’t wait until you have wrinkles already showing! If you don’t already have a skincare routine in place, it’s time to start one now!

• Protect Yourself from the Sun
The sun does so many good things for us. It grows our food, provides us with vitamin D to keep us happy and healthy, and there’s nothing better than lounging on a beach in the summer.

But the sun can do us a lot of harm too! Sun damage can have a huge negative effect on your skin. For that reason, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun—yes, even in the winter!

Pick a face moisturizer that has SPF and wear a hat and sunglasses. These will be especially beneficial for crow’s feet and bunny lines, which are caused by frequent squinting. 

• Try a Specialty Firming Cream
Taking care of your skin from a young age will help you prevent wrinkles from popping up. But sometimes we don't know the best ways to care for our skin until it's too late. And you're going to get some wrinkles eventually!

In these cases, you can use a specialty cream made specifically for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. There are a lot of these wrinkle creams available on the market, so you'll likely have to do some research to find the best anti-wrinkle creams for you.

Miami MD is one wrinkle cream that may help those with relatively minor wrinkles. Miami MD reviews indicate that creams like this one may help those who already have wrinkles and fine lines appearing.

• Perform Some Anti-Wrinkle Exercises
Keeping the muscles in your face strong can help prevent wrinkles from forming. There are plenty of exercises you can try to strengthen your facial muscles.

If you’re experiencing drooping eyelids and crow’s feet, one exercise you can try is pressing your middle fingers down on the inner corners of your eyebrows. At the time, apply pressure with your forefingers to the outer corners of your eyebrows.

Without moving your head, look upwards towards the ceiling and use the muscles under your eyes to squint hard. Repeat this process five or six times.

Wrinkles are a normal part of the aging process, but many people consider them unsightly. Although some wrinkles may add character to the face, many wrinkles and fine lines only serve to make you look older.

Doing your research and looking for the best anti-wrinkle creams, taking good care of your skin every day, and performing exercises to strengthen the muscles in your face will all reduce the number of wrinkles on your face. You should also remember to protect yourself from the sun year-round by applying sunscreen and wearing protective headgear and sunglasses.

By trying all these tips, you’ll be helping your skin look younger and healthier for a long time. 

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