March 11, 2021

Money-Saving Tips: How to Enjoy San Francisco on a Budget

You really want to visit San Francisco, but you aren’t quite sure your finances will allow it? Well, there are still ways for you to get there, do some exploring and experience all of the wonders the city offers, even if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some tips and tricks for those who want to see San Francisco and save some money in the process.

The right time to go
If you think that hotel and flight prices are the same all year round, you probably haven’t done your homework well. For instance, you’ll pay more for your plane ticket if you decide to visit San Francisco in June, July or August. Similarly, you can expect to be charged about 15% more for hotel accommodation in August, September in October. Basically, if you travel in January, you’ll probably manage to save a significant amount of money on both airfares and hotel. However, if nice weather is something that matters to you, you should go to Sun Francisco in spring, as the prices are still lower than in the summer, but you’ll be able to count on plenty of sunshine for any sightseeing you want to do.

The right way to move around
Depending on what you’re planning to see and do while in San Francisco, it’s recommendable that you make some sort of a plan before the beginning of your trip. Basically, it comes down to tagging the places on a map and finding the most efficient way to actually get to each of them without wasting time or money. One thing you can count on is the San Francisco Municipal Railway, or Muni, but there are other options to consider, too. Cable cars and shuttlebuses are cool, but if you’re more of an active type of person, you should know that the city has an excellent cycling infrastructure, which is why you can opt for some of the most amazing bike rentals and tours there. Renting a bike has never been easier and you can choose between the classic models for men and women, or you can get an electric bike. There are even tandem bikes for two people, and if you have a small child with you, you can get a tag-a-long or a burley trailer and fully experience the city together.

The right places to stay
When a city has as much to offer as San Francisco, it’s only natural that the accommodation alternatives for tourists are always on the increase. What this means is that you’re by no means bound to stay at a hotel, although there are occasional discounts to take advantage of there as well. Instead, you can go online and check out the reviews of the city’s hostels. While some of them aren’t the most attractive places to stay, others can boast their immaculate hygiene and safety and the fact they’re close enough to the city center for any tourist. Another good idea is to use one of the online services or apps to rent an affordable room or an apartment in the city. Again, reviews can be extremely helpful, so do your research thoroughly and be sure the location suits you and that, if you’re driving, you’ll have a place to park nearby.

The right things to do
Going to such a spectacular city wouldn’t make much sense if you don’t get to see its landmarks or at least some of its art. Though you might have to have some money set aside for tickets to places like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or a trip to Alcatraz, you can also find several admission-free museums and galleries or others, which have entrance-free days on a monthly basis. You can also get a lot from merely moving around the city, as there’s plenty of street art to feast your eyes on. Vibrant murals, graffiti, sculptures, occasional art installations are just some of the artwork you can find by simply taking a walk or a bike ride around San Francisco, even if you haven’t got any money to spend.

The right food to eat
Even though San Francisco is known for its high standards and the matching prices, this doesn’t at all mean that you can’t get a decent or even an extraordinarily delicious meal at a reasonable cost. Whether you’d like to try a pork bun from a bakery or want to have a grab-and-go octopus dish, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for in this incredible city. Even with all the changes that the coronavirus forced on the restaurant and food-stand owners, there are still some mouthwatering meals you can get, without having to pay a fortune. There are food trucks and stands which sell vegan, vegetarian and international food you’ll love. There are also some tasty takeout and delivery options you can give a try when in San Francisco, so don’t worry, as it’s highly unlikely you’ll either stay hungry or be dissatisfied with your food in any of these places.

If money is the only thing keeping you from visiting San Francisco, these tips can go a long way in helping you plan your trip. So, make that decision and have the time of your life on one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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