March 18, 2021

How to Make Traveling and Sightseeing With a Dog as Easy As Possible

Traveling is fantastic no matter where you want to go, or where you end up. Taking in new sights and experiencing new places is what life is all about and it is that little bit better when you get to experience it with your best friend—your dog! Traveling with a dog doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Even if you are traveling on a shoestring budget, you can still take your best friend along for the ride and make fantastic memories in the process. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy a successful trip with your four-legged friend.

Research Your Destination
Of course, not all locations or destinations are dog friendly, but the majority are. So, before you pack your bags, decide where you will go and work out how you will get there. Are you looking for a road trip in an RV or a camper, or are you looking to travel overseas—perhaps by land, sea, or airplane? Whatever your choice of destination and wherever it is it pays to do your research beforehand. If you know dogs are welcomed with open arms then you will find the whole experience will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Visit a Vet to Get Vaccinated
Before traveling you will no doubt have had your vaccinations and it is no different for your dog. From boosters to inoculations your dog may need them to be able to travel, so get them done in plenty of time. Find a good, trusted vet, such as, who provide affordable treatment and vaccinations, and you and your dog can be on your way in no time at all.

Make Sure Your Accommodation is Dog Friendly
Even if you are doing a road trip you might want to visit some places or have a stop over, and in this case you will need to ensure the location is dog friendly. Most places are dog friendly, but, it is always worth finding out in advance as there is nothing worse than rocking up to a bed and breakfast only to find out they don’t accept dogs. Plan out your route a little to ensure you can get dog-friendly accommodation as and when you need it.

Pace Yourself
When you have a dog to think about in addition to yourself, your journey and sightseeing might take longer than you anticipated. From regular toilet breaks to stop overs for walks and food, traveling with a dog will add time onto your journey, so factor this in from the start and you will enjoy the process a whole lot more.

When you go sightseeing or traveling with your dog it is important to always take along extra provisions, just in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. For example, always take a spare lead and collar, take details of emergency vets, take along plenty of dog food—not forgetting their treats—and make sure your dog is wearing an ID/name tag, just in case they get lost and decide to take themselves for a walk.

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