November 15, 2014

4th Quarter 2014 Sheinside Wishlist

I love the month on November, not only that it’s my birthday month and that I am supposedly a Valentine baby (I was probably conceived at around the time of Valentine hehehe), it is also because it signals the full-speed-ahead of the holiday season. And truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year, except that my allergies are also working double time during this time of the year…

Anyway, since it is my birthday month and it is special to me I am making a wish upon a star... kidding… well I just wanted to share with everyone the wishlist I made my favorite Sheinside items from their early November New In Collection:

Dark Green Long Sleeve Shift Dress (click here for details)
White Long Sleeve Hollow Lace Dress  (click here for details)

Coffee Long Sleeve Hollow Lace Chiffon Blouse  (click here for details)
Black White Striped Contrast Lace Dress  (click here for details)

Navy Half Sleeve Pleated Dress  (click here for details)
Navy Short Sleeve Crochet Lace Dress  (click here for details)

Black Long Sleeve Contrast Lace Collar T-Shirt  (click here for details)
Nude Long Sleeve Pleated Back Blouse  (click here for details)

Black Spaghetti Strap Backless Lace Maxi Dress  (click here for details)
Wine Red Long Sleeve Keyhole Pleated Dress  (click here for details)

I do hope I get to grab at least one of this dresses, just a simple gift to myself for my birthday or probably for Christmas. Love them too? Just click on the links below the photos to check them out.

Until next time!

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  1. Is Sheinside a legit website? I just did a bunch of searching and I found a lot of mixed reviews :/ I also found a lot of awesome clothes that I want to buy! Haha. All of your choices are absolutely stunning. I fell in love with the nude pleated blouse and the red pleated dress :D So gorgeous!

    1. yes it is a legit website, you can check my previous purchases and hauls from them in my blog posts links below:


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